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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Back from a totally AWESOME Trip And over a Nasty cold!

Hi all

Yes I've been away. I wanted to blog really I did but I was so sick with a head cold I could barely read and respone to all my blog buddies let alone write my own witty one. (Well I can dream can't I?)

Now if you don't like Shakespeare or or not interested in the THEATER! (Said with totally British accent) or the detail of a family vacation, stoppe(yes spelled wrong on purpose for a change) reading...bug off...and read something else.

I was in Stratford Ontario for the Canada Day weekend and seen some plays...

All I can say is AWESOME!

The town itself is beautiful...the people Amazing friendly and helpful!

Nathan did pretty well considering how sick he was. On the way down he developed a nasty cold and did NOT want to walk anywhere so good old dad carried him all over. Poor guy! Dad that is.
By Sunday morning is was puking his little guts out. (I'm sure I was graphic enough with this description) But stopped long enough to drive back without throwing his cookies all over the back seat of the car.

We arrived in Stratford about 5:30 a.m. Yes we drove all night and checked in early and had a nap. Had a big breakfast where the best waitress I've ever came across gave us some great advice and went above the call of duty for us. We were asking where the cinemas were so we could Jack could take Nathan to a movie while Miranda and I saw "As You Like It" She took it upon herself to call the theater and get the movie listings and times and what would be good for him. Can you believe it? She couldn't have been older that 16. She got one huge tip from us!

Since our hotel was on the park we strolled over to find where the Festival theater was and where we would be going on the Saturday. It's really beauitful. Miranda loved taking pictures of the ducks and swans. Everything seemed exciting to her andNathan wanted to chase every duck he seen. BOYS! We ended up going back to the hotel room since Nathan had fallen asleep. NOT a good thing because he usually doesn't sleep much. After he woke up and still wanted to be carried we toured around the town and bought some books. I love little book stores!

We had pizza in our room that night and said between shows on Saturday we would go and eat someplace nice . HA!

Saturday morning we went to Festival theater and had a backstage tour of the building. Awesome. Miranda was thrilled and Nathan was such a good child. Although we did get some nasty looks form some people who take this THEATER thing wayyyy to seriouly! He was actaully interested in some of the stuff and asked alot of questions. Most people complemeted us on what a good boy he was. And for that we bought him a plastic sword from the gift shoppe!
Back to the hotel room for a quick sandwich (we had a mini fridge in the room so we kept goodies there) And Miranda and I was off to see "As You Like It. " It was set in the 60's and was totally cool man! Costumes were as colourful as the langauge of Shakespeare. I loved it! And so DID Miranda. (This is where I started to feel ill and my throat was killing me)

Am I boring you yet? Probabaly but if you still reading you do have the control to stop and go elsewhere. BUT I am loving recounting our events of the weekend. Miranda and I raced back to the hotel room and found Jack and Nathan. Nathan had fallen asleep during the Movie Madagascar. NOT LIKE HIM AT ALL! And was still sleeping at 5. So we ended up getting Swiss Chalet and saying we would eat a nice breakfast before we left on Sunday...HA!

Jack and Miranda Dressed up and went to see the Tempest. Starring William Hutt as Propsero. This man is 85 years old. And apparently he was a total doll and an amazing actor! Miranda wasn't sure which one she liked the best. Jack was laughing at the similarites between our Miranda and the 15 yr old Miranda that was Propero's daughter. BOY crazy etc... Jack eneded up piggybacking Miranda through the park back to our hotel as she got blisters from her pumps. LOL! Poor Jack the pack horse!

Nathan and I hit McD's drive through for a grill cheeze he didn't eat and Timmy's for a cappuinico. Then we went to a play area in the park and played for about an hour and back to the room. Where we sat and watched t.v. he had abit of a fever and was not himself. Poor guy. He was a tropper considering he was not well.

We talked and went to sleep and in the morning Nathan still not the best ended up with what I had described earlier. Took our time driving back and That's where I got this nasty cold and NO nice dinners out. LOL! OH well. Next time.

So there you have it ...Our family trip to Stratford where Miranda wants to work and live. LOL!
I hope you enjoyed alittle of this. We sure enjoyed living it.

As it is in our house today


Pete said...

Glad to hear you had such a nice trip!
Hope you and Nathan are feeling better! :)

nancy said...

welcome back!

Running2Ks said...

Fun trip! Welcome back and have some tea.

AnnaJ said...

Glad you had a great time, somewhere that I would love to go. Sorry about the nasties and hopefully you are all doing well.

Anna - like the new look