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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Bees are not our friends

I’ve finally learned. I’m now going to write my blogs first and then Copy and paste them in. I’ve lost the same blog twice.

Anyways…the BLOG!

This has been a tough week around MY Household. My Brother and Sister-in-law just had arrived from Winnipeg when Nathan was bit by a wasp. And yes, you can guess what happened. He is allergic and deathly allergic. Within minutes he was in a mass of hives and lethargic. With no time to call an ambulance we raced him ourselves to the hospital and within minutes they had given him a shot and starting Bendryl. I was so scared I left his hospital cards on the table at home and my BIL had to bring them to us there. He seemed to get better right away and they put us in a private Emergency room for the night. The Doctor said he may react again within 24 hrs and 12 hrs later he was a mass of hives again. They couldn’t seem to stop it, so later that afternoon they had made arrangements to get him in a pediactric unit at another hospital. He was quite excited about his Ambulance ride to the hospital. He couldn’t wait to go. Yes even scratching as he was he wanted to go. Kids can find the good in everything. I went home to shower and change and Jack went with Nathan to the hospital. They too tried to not give him as much cortisone but by 2 a.m. the doctor was back and told me they would have to keep it up regularly to get the reaction down. Finally it slowed and we got to bring him home on Thursday 3 days after the bite occurred, with a course on how to use and epi-pen, and a few to have in the house.

I always felt bad for people who had to worry about serious allergies. I never dreamed that one of my kids would have one. I felt helpless that first night in the hospital. I felt angry that this had to happen my little man. I kept looking at him while he was sleeping through that night and saying WHY? I know there is no answer. I cried and held his little hand and prayed that this was some sort of mistake but it isn’t. Our lives have to change and I don’t want too keep him in a bubble to protect him. Jack my hubby is trying to do so. We are at odds with this and I keep telling him you know he has to live. I guess we’ll work it out but it may take awhile. We just have to make sure we keep an eye out on nests and check where they like to build them regularly.

I have 700’ of flower beds, a bee haven. Do I get rid of these beds just so he can be safe? Jack would like to. BUT I do not. Does this make me a bad mother? Does this make me not care about my little guy’s health? NO! I love this person with all me heart and I have to be sure he learns where he can and cannot go. I’ve cut all the blooms around my entry ways and near his toys but he will not be going near the beds for a very long time.

This is my house today, needless to say I am tired.


AnnaJ said...

Oh My!! Sharon, I am so sorry that you have this new found allergy. Although it is usually rare that someone gets stung, it for sure will change the way you think and play outside! I do know that a woman from Ottawa makes Epi-belts, they are like straps that you hook on around your waist so you don't have the bulky case to carry around. I will see if I can remember where they are sold and let you know. And NO you are not a bad mother because you want you and your family to be surrounded by flowers, there are flowers everywhere you look. Your little man will just have to be on the look out for wasps or bees and know to move away from them if he sees one. Take care, hope you are resting well.

Anna - sorry I have been awol, lots going on here this summer.

nancy said...

Oh no Sharon! What a horrifying experience that must've been for you. I am so glad to hear that you all reacted quickly and he is alright. Yes, this will change yoru lives forever, but think of it as a positive way - you found out while he was at home on a controlled envirnoment and not while you were far away on a picnic or Omega Park, etc. Now you know what to do and when it happens again. Please don't live in a bubble, many people can enjoy everything throughout life while dealing with such allergies, I hope you can all try to get used to that and integrate it into your daily routine. That being said, again, so glad he is on the mend. Phew!

AGK said...

I probably would personally remove mine, but on the other hand...you can't remove all the flowers in the world.

(((HUGS))) I'm so sorry. What a horrible, scary experience!

Marla said...

How worrisome! I'm glad you all got through it. I used to work as a nanny for two boys with serious nut allergies, and their mother was very active in educating businesses and schools and other public places about how to accommodate these children with these life threatening problems. She also found that by educating her kids, they were less scared of the world. So maybe if you and Nathan looked up some techniques for keeping safe, you could still enjoy your flowers and you'd both be less nervous?

momsey said...

Oh what a scare!! I am sorry to hear that you had to find out that he is allergic to bees and wasps in the first place! But it is a darn good thing you were quick acting! I can just see his little face beaming while he was in the ambulace!

I wouldn't remove all your flowers. You have a beautiful garden and bees find their way around...flowers or not. You just have to take the time to teach him about safe around them.

I hope it wasn't too much of a damper on your visitors and that you still got a good visit in with them anyways!

Running2Ks said...

I know it is incredibly frightening. My husband is the one carrying the epi-pen. He has delayed reactions--by 24 hours. It is a rare situation--and emergency personnel are often confused when he explains that he was stung. It delays treatment every time.

twinmomplusone said...

Sharon, just found you here!

How scary for you all! Nothing is worse than seeing your little one in a hospital bed, would know, I've been there. As for the allergies, I've felt the same with my little guy: "how unfair, why him?, they must be mistaken, it's just going to go away..." But don't let that totally alter his life. And you can just control the environment somehow. I haven't kept my little guy from going places because there may be some peanuts. At least he's old enough to understand some of it and you are equipped with an epi-pen and the likelihood of another bite is little and you have wintertime to give you some freedom.


cmhl said...

found your site while surfing--- those allergies can be horrifying!!!