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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Adventures in wax

I'm always trying to save a few bucks. I dye my own hair to save the salon prices like who do they think they are kidding anyways. $60.00 up for a dye job. But that's a blog for another day.

In the last few years I've notices that my brows and upper lip and well just about anywhere else is a little more hairy than it used to be. A friend of mine convined me to pluck but it takes too long and I sneeze so I started going to a a salon to get my lip and eyebrows done. $15.00 a pop. So for months now I have been looking longingly at the do- it- yourself home wax kits. So I started out small with just those prewax warm up in your hands and place on the spot and rip off. Works well on lips but not on eyebrows.


A few weeks back I went out and stood in the Drug store reading all the boxes and thinking It can't be too hard can it? I'm a fairly smart capable woman , right? They wouldn't sell these if I couldn't do it myself, right? And I've talked to a friend who told me all about waxing cause she does it all the time and what the best stuff was. Well as I stood there I forgot everything She ever said and took the kit that was not water soluable and had everything I needed. Plus it was the cheapest...Oh no.

So off I went home with this modern torture device...yes that's what I'm calling it now. I waited a few hours and then I got Nathan settled and Off I went to do my first wax JOB. I started with my lip. Fairly safe area nothing to look too stupid there Warmed the wax up and Voila! NO HAIR. Did a great job. I was impressed. Now on to the more difficut area or so I thought. My bushy brows. I carefully put the wax in it's spot applied the strip and pulled. WOW another great spot. You see I was gaining confidence as I approach doing my legs. Now let me warn you men readers out there who don't wax ( yes I know that some do) This is where it gets ugly. So some reason we woman get hair on the back of our thighs and down our thighs. I HATE to wear a swimsuit just for this reason. So I jumped right to these spots. I layed it on thick. Yes thick and in a large patches. Just let me stop here and say small is much better. BY this time the wax is cooling and starting to get stringy. So now I'm getting wax all over my bathroom, the sink, the floor, the toilet. And it's not water soluable. Nasty mess. Anyways back to the actual waxing part. I lay the strip in the wax and I pull. NOT as fast as I should have. It seems like I am slowly tearing each hair out in a slow and very painful manner. MY thighs will never be the same. PLUS the wax has cooled and is not coming off with the strip. So how do you remove all this wax? I have yet to figure it out. They say rubbing acohol works well, it may work on small area's but not on a large area.

And now I'm getting to the good part. I went and warmed the wax up again to see if it would remove the strip I have on the back of my thighs....Yes I was trying to pull the long hair on the back of my thighs. Well lets' just say that A) one can apply the wax to the back of the leg but B) one can't remove it. Well at least a beginner can't and I'm it.

So after about 20 minutes in a hot shower on a hot day I still have bits of wax everywhere on the back of my thighs. PLUS I have bruised somehow the back of one knee and I'm running out of time. Yes I start this people, just before I have to leave to go to job related event. In my case my Weekenders fashion show. Can we DUH! here? So what do I do to keep the wax from sticking to my skirt and the back of my legs? It's hot, NO hosiery for me. BUT cut a pair just to cover my legs at least that far. And all night I can feel it sticking and pulling the few hairs I have left on my legs.

So people I guess it's back to the old razor and shaving cream. NO WAY am I waxing without a professional in the room with me.

Not an adventure I want to have again.


tomama said...

I walked around with one eyebrow for a while. My sympathies!


Silver Creek Mom said...

Oh dear...nasty...Poor you


Running2Ks said...

Ow, eeew, yikes, I am hurting just reading. I got that kit once. Pain and no hair gone. I feel the pain.

Aleta said...

You still have wax on your legs? How about Olive oil and your shower scrunchie thing?

And thanks for the warning! I'll stick to the shaving myself! lol

And I do think part of the grumpiness is missing you! ;)

Anonymous said...

OMG Sharon,
Check your email..I sent a similar story tonight..too funny!

nancy said...


I shave. Thank goodness.

Pete said...

Sharon, I loved the way you wrote this, it was SO funny! (sorry) :)
You had me laughing out loud in my office! (and cringing at the same time)
"Glamour Girl" (Melissa) just started getting her eyebrows done. I guess being beautiful is not always pleasant. (or cheap)

Hope it makes you feel better to know us guys really DO appreciate it though. (then we thank God we are men, and don't have to do that kind of stuff! :)

Silver Creek Mom said...

Whadda mean men don't have to do this stuff...Ok maybe it is a choice but I know some men who get their back hair waxed...SOB that must hurt! Good thing I didn't go...well you know south of the border.


Thanks for understanding all.