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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Dating Protocol

Ok...if you read my blogs about my kids (thanks you very much for doing so) you'll know by now that my beautiful Daughter Miranda is at that age where she is interested in boys. And what is the dating protocol for a 15 yr old girl?

Here's why I ask. She has 3 suitors interested in her. Jason who has been around for months and was her first date and they have gone to movies alone on and off , plus they have hung out and talked alot on the phone all summer (the one I like the most) Matt who is a professional actor in our area and a real sweetie and very shy around girls. (my 2nd choice) and David who I'm not sure of yet and kinds freaks me out. (He's not in the running in my books unless my mothering instincts are wrong) Anyways David and Matt both have been asking her out to movies steady all summer and up until last week she has not had the time to go out with them. So last week she went to the movies with both of them at the same time and a few other friends because she really didn't want to go with both alone or at different times. They seemed to take it ok and they had fun. So yesterday Matt calls up talks for awhile and has asked her to go again this week to the movies her and him alone. She said yes. Oh! And all they boys are friends and hang out alot, which they did after the moive with Miranda.

Now to my point...Long winded as it seems. What is right and what is wrong? We have told her she can't really have a boyfriend till she turns 16 but we will reconsider if she comes and talks to us and we like the guy. So far she has shown only alittle interest inJason and not really any in Matt or David. Most of her friends say that she should NOT date or go to the movies with them at all. I say Go ahead how will you know what they are like unless you can talk with them. JUST be sure they know you are NOT interested in them that way and you stay up front about your feelings the whole time. The girls are the worst. They tell her that she is a flirt and leading them on. She says" Well if I can go to a movie with a girl who is a friend why can't I go with a guy who is a friend? As long as I'm clear. "
I agree. I have seen her with her friends She treats guys and girls the same. She hugs them all and she talks and laughs the same with them. Am I wrong to tell her this? That She should date different guys? She seems to not have any interest in any one guy. I also told her that no matter what you have to make yourself happy and NOT everyone else. You'll never make everyone happy so why try. Just try not to hurt anyone as best you can. And she is a good kid I know she would never hurt anyone intentionally.

You see I never many guys ask me out. I had my first Boyfriend at 13 and that lasted 2 years and didn't have another till I met Jack at 18. (well there was another in there some where but he was never anything serious)

Is there a guide book for dating and the teenage girl....Humm anyone ready to write one? I'd be great research material. opinions? Life experience?

Or should I just mutter along the way I am?


Running2Ks said...

If I were her, and I was uncertain of whether or not I wanted to date, I'd make sure to go out--but pay my own way, so it could be a friendship thing. If, by the end of the "date" I only wanted to be friends, then I'd make it clear (especially if there was a kiss or hand-holding in the works).

Of course, don't take my advice--my husband thought we were already dating 3 months before I did!

Pete said...

I think it's great the way you guys are so involved with this. With who she likes and who likes her, and that you keep a close watch over her. (but not too close) I guess it is a fine line. I hope I can be the same way when my girls are allowed to start dating.

Pete said...

I got linked! I got linked!
Thanks Sharon! :)

Silver Creek Mom said...

Hey your welcome Pete...I like reading your Blog! Nice to have the male prespective on parenting!

AnnaJ said...

Hi Silver Creek Mom!! You do have your hands full with your gorgeous daughter. For all it's worth (not much some days) my advice would be to keep doing what you are doing. Her friends call her a flirt because they are jealous that the boys like her and not them AND that she can be clear about her feelings to them but, still hang with them! A lot of guys would high-tail and run if a girl turned them down. But these guys sincerely like hanging around her and are willing to go on a few dates to win her over. Nothing wrong with that! I only wish my parents had given me the same advice back in high school (not sure if I would have followed it) it would have been much more fun to have dated a bunch of guys and gone to movies, etc. than to have the one steady I had for so long!! Keep up the good work, you guys are doing the right thing :D