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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Friday, August 26, 2005

I need a stiff drink and a way to keep my mouth shut

More trials of the teenage heart,and more ulcers for MOM!

Gosh Sometimes I wish I didn't know as much as I do about Miranda's life. YES, YES I know, I know I'm lucky to have a girl that is pretty open with me. She back to "LIKING " the guy who is bad news and she hopes he will make it to a party she is going to this Saturday. Ok I may be over reacting she is only 15, but do you know how many girls are sexually active by this age? She told me that Jason is a close 2nd but this other guy is always on her mind. She hasn't even talked to him since the end of JUNE. School starts next week and OH boy here we go. I hoping this guy has no interest in her. PLEASE GOD! There is a 3rd she said she would take an interest in if he didn't have a girlfriend and I KNOW this one is having sex...trust me, I know this. Can't I just wipe these other guys out of her mind? And leave the good ones there? I'm so afraid she is going to be looking for the bad ones which is what I did and It was NOT good. Messed me up all through High School. I know she is smart. I know she has common sense but where does that go when someone you like kisses you and you want to do everything in your power to keep him. HELP!!!! It took all I had not to say well you know he's not the one for you and you should look for someone with the same vaules as you. Please let her not date for awhile yet. I can't tell her who to love and who not to but Gosh I would like to be able to fix her up right about now! Mom approved boyfriend! I guess I have to trust her hope I have given her enough values and self-esteem to make wise decisions to help her now. I can lead but and I can give opinions and HOPE she listens. Once she's away from me it's up to her.

I've always tried to talk not lecture or nag. Sometimes I catch myself doing both but I stop and back up. Gosh will it be any easier with Nathan when he gets to that age? Maybe I'm way too involed in her life. But how does one not be? I think I'll go make supper and Pray that the other guys have girlfriends and Jason is brave enough to tell her again how he feels... I rather have him than the others. Am I nuts?


Now I know what I put my parents through and I didn't tell them a thing! Maybe that was a blessing!


BeachMama said...

Ahhh, I know what you mean, about putting your own parents through the ringer. I feel terrible about making them worry when I was younger. They always waited until I broke up with the guys to tell me how much they hated them! I wished they had said something sooner, that is for sure. I may not have stopped dating them, but it would have been in the back of my head and would have helped me make choices and decisions. You can only do what you feel is best for Miranda and then send her on her way. She will make the right choices and be sure you NEVER lose your conversation with her. Once you stop talking about stuff then she will really be on her own.

Best wishes,

Silver Creek Mom said...


I needed to hear that...Thanks.

Update that young man is going to the party but so is Jason so I hope he will watch over her.

Brenda said...

From what you have told me about Jason, depending on Miranda's mood, will sway either way! Lets just hope he can keep her grounded, if not to date him, but to at least remind her of what kind of person she really is!

She is a bright girl, your values are strongly imbedded, that is why she talks to you! Just keep doing what you are doing and Miranda will figure things out...and then tell you about them regardless if they are mistakes or not! Lucky Mom, even though it doesn't always seem like it!

Just rememebr...I'm not far behind and you can laugh over my tribulations with my teenage girl around this time next year (I hoping not, but most likely!)

nancy said...

First of all, I think you are very lucky to have a teenage daughter who opens up to you as much as she does...just reading you have so many midnight chats tells me she looks up to you in a way not many adolescent girls may.

Dunno where I get off commenting on this since I am so far off from the teenage wars, but as hard as it is, I do think the best thing is to try to let her learn as much as she can on her own, with your guidance. As long as she feels you respect and trust her, she will hopefully return the sentiment to you and make the right decisions.

To me, it sounds like you are doing everything right - good job!

Silver Creek Mom said...

Thanks Girls

I don't always feel like I'm doing everything right. Although she has amended that she hasn't seen the guy all summer and she want's to talk to Jason to see what he thinks....????? I'm glad he's there. He's very level headed. ANd so is she. AND i don't really know the guy but the few times I've spoken to him alarms went off in my head.

I just have to trust and trust is the biggest thing there is.

Thanks again

Pete said...

Wish I had something to add :(
I guess I should prepare myself...
deep breaths, deep breaths!

(it's good to start early!)

Aleta said...

Hey, just send her to Winnipeg to cool off! lol Jordan can bug her enough she'll stay away from guys for a looong time!

She'll be fine. Now's the time for her to figure this stuff out. She's got a great support system. ;)

Running2Ks said...

Aleta may be right--sending her on a vacation, or away for each weekend!

This is such a rough age. Have you shared stories with her of what you have been through?

And the good thing about bad boys--many of them have no interest in girls who have interest in them. So if she acts like she really likes him--maybe he'll go away!

Silver Creek Mom said...


I don't her to do that shit!

I was no angel! She's a saint compared to me.



Silver Creek Mom said...

Soory You got me all worked up brandy

I mean I don't want her doing what I did...

Pant pant.