“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Part one of a crazy summer

OK... I think of myself of a pretty patient woman and most women would not live in this house as long as I have not finished. I know my man is pretty good at trying to get things down as Money and time allows and to be honest I do a lot of the work myself. I'm not afraid of power tools! (Do the Tim AR AR AR here) But the question arises why do he wait to the last minute to do thing?

Here’s the story. Last Christmas, (Before I started blogging) we went to Winnipeg to spend time with Jack's Brother and family for Christmas. We had a blast! And when the mention of coming out here this summer came up Jack and I both said that we would pick the kids (Jack's Brother's kids) up and keep them if they flew them out first. NO problem they are great kids. So Jack and I discussed what we would have to do to have them stay. First thing Jack said were we to install doors and get new mattresses before my brother gets here. I agreed. (Remember later on we had the May 2nd issue) I said I would clean out and repaint the spare room so the girls had some place to sleep. (The room was a mess due to Miranda's redecoration of her space) I also wanted a couch/bed in the playroom for Miranda to hang out with her friends also for storage for the massive amount of toys that Nathan has and a place for Jordan to sleep. Well I had the bedroom ready in time with no problem I had to empty it out which was no small feat in itself. If you had seen it you would know how big a chore that was. I patched the holes and painted and put what I wanted back in. Now HE was supposed to hang the blinds for this room but the kids have gone and I’m still waiting. OK I will give him the benefit of the doubt he works long hours he was in the bush on weekends dragging out cedar to pay for the doors. WHICH I might add is still sitting down there not sold. Mattresses were no problem and arrive 2 weeks before the kids arrive.

Then the nagging starts…Which I might add I hate to do.

"Jack the kids will be here in 2 month what about the doors. "

"I’ve got time…"

" Jack you may have to order them… To which he replies"

"I got time…."

"A month to go...

" Jack about those doors"

I got time…and I’m on it

"2 weeks to go ….Jack…."

"Yeah Well I found some and it will take two weeks to arrive and will be here on the 15th of July….When are the kids coming?"

"July 15th"….to which he replies

"I knew that …Oh shit!"

So the day our nieces and nephew arrive the doors arrive and I go alone to pick up the kids and take them to a movie and he installs doors.

Pretty Good I thought and figure (silly me) that the varnishing will wait till we have a moment and we would all spend time together…Apparently I was mistaken. Next day..

"Jack what are we doing with the kids today…."

"Nothing I want to varnish the doors…."

"Jack, they are your nieces and nephew…."

"But if they touch the doors finger prints will be on them…."

"Jack YOU said we would spend time together."

"Ok what do you want to do?"

"Let’s take them bowling or mini putt" (Thunderstorm approaches which rules out the later)

"So we go bowling…we go in and Jack pays for the lanes and goes to leave."

"Hey where are you going? "

"To pick up some parts for the doors like doors, handles and trim."

And what part of spending time together don’t you get?

"I’ll be back soon"

"I got time…."

"2 hours later we’re finished and Jack returns….with Sorry it took longer than I thought. I'll buy pizza for supper. "

"So what are we doing tomorrow? "

"Varnishing doors and getting them ready before Dan and Aleta get here. "
(we did varnish doors and I helped just to get them done so we could spend time with the kids)

This is when I blow….And use the Buddy you just fucked up face.
We will not go into the nasty details but all he had to say was
"I thought I had time…BUT I got the doors finished before Dan and Aleta got here. And I did what I was told…"

"And when did you spend time with your nieces and nephew when you were driving us somewhere WHICH I could have done alone and dropped us off somewhere. "

"I took them for a walk one night after you told me too."


Yes they are nice doors and I love having them and if I can figure out how to put up pictures I'll show you.

This is how it went in my house


Aleta said...

Yes... it has been a crazy summer. And I have to say they are lovely doors! roflmao I'm so glad I drove all that way to see them! bwahhaaa. Poor Jack. ;)

Hey I am so proud! You added more links! Woohoo... we are the HTML momma's. Whoot.

Silver Creek Mom said...

YUP! It's easy that part. Now my link to add photo's is not working and I don't know where to add them in the code. I would love to add some now and then.

I'm glad you could see my doors frist hand. With an ice cap in hand!


Miss ya!

Running2Ks said...

E-mail me via my comments with a return e-mail--you asked when the time has come, and it has :)

Oh, your home story sounds like so many of mine--my goodness!!!! I want to see the doors!

Momsey said...

I have been meaning to ask about the doors!!!! Forgot all about it today!

I hope I can see them next week!

Oh, rememeber, ya gotta love Jack, he is use to working under pressure! LOL!!!