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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

What I was going to blog about today

Was our newest member of the family...It doesn't eat or poop or shed hair and I didn't have to give birth to it AND it was free.

Here's the full story. Jack my hubby has a great couisn (meaning she is Jack's dad's couisn) and she is an old maid that has now got dementia. She had to be taken from her home that she has lived in most of her life and put in a home . She , inher day, was a strong virbrant womanwho taugh school most of her life. WhenMiranda was born she came to visit. She held Miranda, looked at her hands, and said She has the "Hands of a pianist." We all had a good laugh and forgot about it. From the time Miranda was 3 she begged for a piano, and at 6 we decided to get her one. We got her a Clarnova with one octvae short. We did not want to invest ina piano and she not do anything with it. She was thrilled and by the new year she had the phone book out and was asking how to spell Piano teacher so she could take lessons. And that's how we met the only teacher she has ever had. Everytime Irene (jack's Cousin) came by she would get Miranda to play for her and give her encouragment. She loved to listen to her play and Irene would play herself.

So fast forward to know. Irene is in a home with no clue who most of us is. Sad. And her Power of Attorney called Jack's dad so see if anyone in the family would want Irene's Piano. Of Course Miranda came to mind. Jack's Father calls, asks, and we ask Miranda, who was thrilled! So Sunday Night , after we feed all the piano movers (Jack's Borthers Father and the girls) we go down to Irene's home to see what condition it was in. She was the orginal owner of this and it has been well looked after. Miranda asks to play it before we move it and when she played the Lady who has power of Attorney tears up and says..."Irene would love it that you have her perious Piano. "


(movers taking down the hall)


So there you have it people How we inherted a wonderful piece of art and a bit of family history that will be treaseured all the more becasue it belongs to the "family."

Pretty special I think!


BeachMama said...

Love it!! I wish we could come accross a piano. My sister inherited one from her Church. And I would love to have one, one day. I keep telling my Mom to get a new one as I have the perfect spot in my living room for hers ;)

Anna - who doesn't play the best, but loves it just the same.

Running2Ks said...

That is so beautiful!

Pete said...

How nice! I got the kids a little Yamaha keyboard last year and they love it. Hoping someone takes a real interest in it eventually.

And yes, THANK GOD you didn't have to give birth to it!

(sorry, too easy) :)

nancy said...

Ooooh most exciting! I can't wait to have a piano. Saving our extra pennies (where ARE they) in hopes of one day listening to at least one of my kids tickling the ivories.