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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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I decided it was time for a change!

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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

All my friends are doing it!


My friends are now BLOGGING! I'm so excited! It's a great way to keep up with their lives and get to see there thoughts and get to know them a wee bit better. Just today I found out that 2 PEOPLE I know and can put faces to (They are from a unquie playgroup I belong to.) have started blogging!

I started blogging was to share my joys of being a mom the good and the BAD! And if you read my blog it has been shall we say abit stressful here. Although I was abit more sneaky about it I must say. When another mom from my playgroup just told everyone she was Blogging I thought SHIT I'm not where near as articulate as her but what the hell I'll give it a go. . I'm sure you don't know her, she's Danigirl from Postcards from the Mothership! She the shy retiring type never interested in being the center of attention. ;) Never has much to say either.

I blog for me and when I started I thought if no one ever finds out I blog so be it. BUT It didn't take long before some people started asking and now alot of them know. Not all but some.

So please stop by my friends blogs I'm sure you will be entertained. I love them to death and I'm glad to have them in my life in yet another cool way!

So welcome BeachMomma & Nancy! (and Why I didn't clue in is beyond me) I can't say how thrilled I am to have some more great stuff to read while I drink tea, maybe the occasional glass of wine and avoid doing more housework.

Who needs housework anyways, It only gets dirty again tomorrow!


BeachMama said...

Sharon, you are too funny!! I just thought you knew I was blogging :) Thanks for the welcome, hope I can keep you all entertained.

Anna - p.s. none of my kids names or husband's name is on the blog, am going to try to keep it that way for now.

nancy said...

I also have a blog-phobic husband, same reason I don't use their names...yet?? I'll keep you posted.

nancy said...

Oops - forgot to add to the dilemma - wine vs housework - big fat D-UH!!!!! Off to fetch the corkscrew. Ignore the time on this post.

Silver Creek Mom said...

Neither do I Jack is staying Jack forever. The kids were different tand then I found I was slipping all the time. Jack Job is the reason i keep his name out of the blogging world. BUT Of course he doesn't know I blog...I think.

Of course I have been a ditz at times. LOL!

Marla said...

So what do you all do in playgroup? Sit around and talk about me?

Silver Creek Mom said...

Marla..But of course...is there anything else to talk about?????!!!!!

Your too funny!

Love Sharon

nancy said...

Oh Sharon, you are too kind to stroke Marla's ego. You failed to mention that we all met at playgroups long before Marla was in our lives. Sure perhaps we are better for having her with us...and now I can't remember what it was that we DID talk about in our lives before her.

nancy said...