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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Fathers and Daughters

I can see the trouble brewing. I have seen it coming for a long long time. 15 years in fact. It's all started on June 27th at 8:55 in the morning. It was a overcast day but the sun came out just as Miranda, our daughter, came into the world. Her father picked her up and smiled looked to the heavens and said Thank you God! And he has been mush ever since.

I remember a time when she would stand at one end of the hall as a toddler and Daddy would come in the door and she would run down the hall and give him a RUNNING HUG! He would melt over and over again.
Or the night he came home with a tea set cause she wanted to have a tea party with him.
Or a few Nights after Nathan was born and we found her crying in her room because she had only seen him once since he was born and she wanted to be with her family. Jack just call the sitter we had for her and said "She's coming with us." He must have apologized 3 or 4 times for not thinking about how she would feel and how she would LOVE to be in the NICU with him.
Or this past Summer when we planned and took a vacation to Stratford Ontario to see plays. Something that was totally for her and she loved every bloody minute. She going again next week with the drama club and it bothers him he won't be there to see her face as she watches the plays.

Jack loves his Little Girl, she and him do not always see eye to eye anymore but they do still have fun and watch silly movies together. But his little girl is growing up and letting other MEN be in her life. He's having a hard time with that. I guess that he has feeling of helplessness makes him more strict and sharpe with her. He never had any sisters so he really doesn't have any clue of what she is going through. He's hurt when she doesn't want to hug him or she won't tell him about her day. I've talked to both to get them to see what the other is feeling but I guess I've got my work cut out for me.

You should see him when she goes out on a date. He worries, he keeps looking at the clock he makes sure he gives her money to be able to call if the Boy doesn't not behave well. He likes keep her dates scared of him. He keep saying she is not allowed tohave a boyfriend till she is 30...or later.
Miranda got asked out by another boy on a date this week another nice guy and after she left the kitchen he turns to me and says "she didn't say yes did she?" When I said that she did he hangs his head and says "I'm slowly being replaced and I don't like it. I'm not the main man in her life anymore." It made me want to cry.

What he doesn't know is she really likes this guy and has on and off for a few years. Well since they met in grade 8. He interested in acting just like her. He likes a good debate and is pretty good in school. He's already asked to hold her hand and I'm Jack would totally freak if he knew. I guess we have to break him in slowly. And he knows the boy inquestion and has talked to him a few times. This Guy thinks Jack is Pretty Cool. So he does have that going for him.

I'm trying to prepare him for the invetiable. That she will probably have a boyfriend before the year is out. And probably before the end of the month. I don't think he is going to take it well. But it's wonderful to see how much he loves her, I just wish he would take it easier on her at times. I tell him your not being replaced she is just looking for a younger you, it may take her awhile but she will find a great guy that you will almost approve of.

Fathers out there, Guide your daughters let them grow and change and test what it is like to be a young Woman. Protect and let her know how much you love her. Be there when things go wrong and make sure their dates know you are watching... Most of all let them become the wonderful women that you know they will be.

It going to get rough around here but I think I'm ready to run interference.

What was the worst Date you had?
Mine was with an old boyfriend who took me drinking under age in a pub and then didn't want to take me home by my curfew. Needless to say I never saw that Jerk again.


nancy said...

It was with a guy who had legs thinner than me. I never went out with him again.

BeachMama said...

Miranda is so fortunate to have such a loving and caring father, she should treasure that for sure.

My worst date was with a Lebanese guy, he somehow hadn't heard of deoderant! It just wasn't prevalent until we went out dancing!!! Yikes!!


Silver Creek Mom said...

WOW Nancy!

NOW thats THIN Legs. Come to think of so was the the guy on my worst date. Ewwww! haven't thought about that in awhile.

Marla said...

I'm making Steve read this, and I hope he'll recall it in fourteen years.

My worst date? I went to the beach to make out with a guy who was generally known as gorgeous. It was a spur of the moment thing, and unfortunately, Aunt Flo was visiting so I couldn't be naughtier. Afterward, what with all the tussling and wrestling, I didn't notice he'd given me a wedgie. As he dropped me off and drove away, I strutted up my driveway feeling so pert and smug and sassy - with the band of my black and neon yellow underwear glowing in the dark above my jeans for my mom to see.