“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I was wondering what to blog about today.

But I have kids, so should I have worried? NAH!

I was out cutting the grass on this very nice warm September day and there is a piece of grass I prefer to have Nathan in the house for. I just don't like him around at all when I'm cutting this . So I sent him into the hosue like I have done a hundred times before. "Nathan go in the house till Mommy is done and turn on the t.v and I'll be done soon. "

I happily finish the grass and go in the house. The very very quiet house. That should have been my first warning sign that something was very amiss.

Clue#1 No T.V. on
Clue #2 No sound coming from said little boy
Clue#3 Nathan peeks out of the playroom door with a guilty look on his face.
Clue#4 Said child is cover in an orange substance.
Clue#5 "Mommy this orange stuff is great for my trucks to move around it's just like sand."

So instead of having a SQOD We'll have "Guess what this is?" Hint: It is not paint and it does not come out of carpet.


Good luck!


Pete said...

Hmm... consistency like sand... I'm thinking some type of drink mix, like Tang. (although it seems a bit dark for that)
I'm still gonna go with some type of food. Am I even close?

clean up instructions:
Have the little bucket loader scoop it all up into the back of that long truck. Then put a bulldozer attachment on the front of that little forklift and have him plow a road out of there. Good luck!

Silver Creek Mom said...

Nope sorry not tang...it is related to food though.

andrea said...

My goodness. Is it paprika? :)

Marla said...

Is it SPAM? hahaha, no,

I just read on Dani's blog you're making Salsa again - so it's Cayenne? Too orange for chili powder maybe. My pre-child having self would suggest you rub his nose in it an put him outside, but now I've learned that children are not like dogs. And that it doesn't work for a dog either. Good luck!

Silver Creek Mom said...

Andrea WINS! Yup! People it is paprika. In all its glory. ANd a FULL bag I had bought the night before. Needless to say I did NOT make Salsa and my hubby brought some more home tonight. So maybe in the sweltering heat tomorrow I'll make a double batch.

And PETE You get the prize for the funniest answer..Gosh you can make me laugh. Nathan said something almost idential to what you said when I asked HOW to clean it up. Must be a MAN thing. LMAO!

Your never at a loss of what to do when you have kids.

andrea said...

LOL - I had to check back and find out what it was.

I almost didn't guess it was paprika. I couldn't imagine what someone would do with so much of it! :)

nancy said...

Can you not just vacuum it up? Marla has a hot new vacuum that may help, but will definitely clash in colour.

If not, you can always get orange furniture.

I also busted a gut on Pete's answer.

BeachMama said...

Wow, that is one splash of orange. Pete has some good advice on how to clean that up. I was thinking super duper shop vac then some baking soda and vinegar. We bought some carpet cleaner for the van that got out chain saw grease, you could try that. Pick it up, while you drop off some Salsa of course ;)

Anna - keeping staining ingredients far from my similar coloured carpet.

Silver Creek Mom said...

I vaccumed and vaccummed and it's still abit orange. (OK ALOT BUT I don't have a hot pink vaccum like Marla just a central vac) I think I'll try Anna's advice but grant you whole room needs a detox carpet cleaning. Got move on that one of these days.

Andrea apparently according my SON it's just right for the bulldozer to move before you send in the grader to make a nice orange road.
Thanks for playing all

Pete said...

Oh, I'm so mad! Last night I woke from a deep sleep and cried out, "I've got it! Paprika!!! It's got to be paprika!" (yes, I need to get my life back!) Well, at least I won some kind of prize! Nancy, I think that orange furniture would be nice, but doesn't this lovely shade of blog green go nice with the orange too? Sharon, just do what Melissa does when she spills her nail polish on the carpet, move the couch over it before your husband gets home. It will be a nice "surprise" for him next time you guys re-arrange the furniture!

(orange spam, that made me laugh!) :)

Running2Ks said...

I can't believe it is paprika. Looks like a horrible finger paint accident.