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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Thursday, September 22, 2005

If my blogging Friends can do it

So can I...

Danigirl,Nancy and Beachmamma have all done this Tag thing where they have posted pictures of things in there house that means alot to them every time they look at them. I wanted to PLAY too...(Note I'm jumping up and down saying OH! OH! PICK ME! PICK ME! ) but since they aren't doing it that way I will have to do what I always do just jump in with both feet and have a go!

I have lot it seems. I love many many things in my house. First off I love my house. We built my house and are still building it. We cut the trees off the farm that we sawed and dried and built the house ourselves. Use I am a master with a skill saw and a hammer! I ROCK or I NAIL!


And of course I love my kids so anything to do with them means a TON (or tonne if your using the mertic system) to me, any mess that Nathan makes means everything to me. The living room is his favorite place to play and I let him. Even though we have a playroom this is the room of choice for him. We waited a very long time to have him so after the 11 year wait it's great ot have boy toys all over the place. So this mess makes me go awww (then I go awww I have to clean that up again!) But it's worth it.

Miranda's room in itself is special to me. When we moved here and were finishing the upstairs (well enough to live in) I asked her which room she wanted she pick this room. Later when we made this little girls room into a grown up room she picked the colours and wanted the blackboard paint on the walls so she could write movie or theater quotes. Her room is a lesson in organizantion that I should take a lesson from. She keeps it looking like this always! I never say clean your room, it is! When I miss her during the day, or if she is away overnight, I go and have a look at her room and I feel her smiling face and cheery personality.

My kitchen table means alot to me. It was the first piece of furinature that jack and I took the time to look for and was NOT given to us. We went everywhere and heard all types of stories of why they couldn't sell us what we wanted. Fianlly we found a place that would MAKE us what we wanted. When fully extended it will seat 18 people comfortably.

On that table is my Rooster collection. I love it becasue many different people have given this stuff to me. (not all are there) Each one has a special memory attached to it.

Also on that table is a big glass bowl I got a garage sale. This makes me laugh. the lady wanted to sell it for $30.00 I told her I would take it and the clay pot for $20.00 and no more I had no more money . He hubby said sold and she was sooo pissed at him she walked away swearing...I bet he got an earful that night! And in that bowl is Wine Corks for many bottles of wine we have shared with friends over the years. Each cork has who we drank that bottle with and the date and if it was a special event! I'm always finding my friends going through it looking for theirs and putting theirs on top! LMAO!

In my living room is an old vinegar jar. It's glass and I found it laying in the bush of the house we lived in before this. I just love it because. I'll never part with it!

This small area means lot to me. It's what I call my family wall of fame. I have many pictures of both sides of my family during the years. And all the awards Miranda has won and Nathan graduation certifcate from the NICU when he came home from the hospital. I have removed some due to partings of the way and I have more to add. I'm alittle behind yet again!

So there you have it. I have more but I figure I better stop before everyone stops reading and moves on.


What's your favorite thing? Doesn't have to be in the house it could be anywhere.

Mine my digital camera so I can share my world with you...especailly the kids!


Running2Ks said...

Your house is beautiful! So many great things in it. And great people.

Aside from my kids being my favorite items in my home...I, too, have the love of the digital camera. And the computer, of course. My friend is in possession of the best napping couch in the world, though :)

BeachMama said...

Sharon, good blog. It is really awesome to see/hear the pride in your voice when you talk about your house. So few people build their own today (compared to years ago)the satisfaction must be endless. I love all your things that you love, it is really neat to see the insight of others.

Favorite thing: sitting beside me on the couch sucking his fingers! Or if it supposed to be a true "thing", perhaps my car. I just love it and will be sad when I have to change it for another.

Pete said...

What a beautiful home you have! I especially like the wall of fame. Unfortunately, I can't play the game. :(
(I guess I could go open the storage door and take a picture of the wall of stuff!)
Well, the most favorite things in my house are already on my blog today anyway. :)

My favorite "things" are anything my kids make for me.

...and my mountain bike. My wife gave it to me for my birthday the first year we were married. It's old and beat up and I guess I could get a nice new one, but I never will. I have such sentimental attachment to it!

BeachMama said...

Hey Pete (sorry to hijack your comments Sharon) do you give lessons to other guys?? Just wondering as you seem to have the perfect mix of sentimental, adoration, and overall enjoyment of life that seems to be missing from some of the guys I know.


Silver Creek Mom said...

Hey Pete you can do this at a later date.

Soon asyour set up. Although My kids are always fore front with me..

And Like Anna said doya give lessons?

nancy said...

Why do you want my one and only rooster when you already have a gazillion of your own??

Pete said...

Oh brother!
If Melissa could read these comments, she'd be rolling her eyes right now!
(more likely, rolling on the floor laughing!)
And here I thought blogging would be a great way to express my "true-self"!
(I must not be doing it right) :)

Silver Creek Mom said...


ONE can never have too many Roosters. But I will just have to go out and find one of my own. I will leave you yours. BUt If you decide it needs a new hoem I will lovingly take care of it.

Rooster nut

Sunny said...

I sooooo want a home like yours- AND especially that TABLE!

Kitchens are the best places in the world- everyone congregates in mine which is sunny yellow and has roosters all over things.