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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Monday, September 19, 2005

Just for Pete

Poor Pete Over at the Perfect Storm has nothing to blog about.

I just teased about my Montreal weekend...And NO I'M NOT TELLING.

But I do feel bad for him and I did forget to write my SQOB! So maybe he will tell us in detail about a this question....
So here it is...

Where have you always wanted to go on vacation but haven't yet?

Mine....England and just travel around. The place has to much OLD history I think I could feel it in the air.

Your turn....


Pete said...

A blog post, just for me? I'm honored! :)
Oh boy! (no pressure though!)
It might be more interesting if I told some great places I've already been...
Let's see... Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the Carribean, Ireland, England, Germany, Austria (Salzburg), Italy, Spain, Chile, Guam, Greenland... just to name a few. Some just once, some many times. Not to mention just about every one of the other states. I've also been a few places I would NEVER want to go back! The most beautiful place I have ever seen is Colorado. I grew up there. (Austria is a VERY close second)

Where would I go that I haven't been?
Why Canada, of course! :)
(I think the Canadian Rockies, the Yukon, some kind of wilderness survival type trip. That would be a lot of fun.)

I also always wanted to go to Alaska, Australia and France. Oh, and New Zealand, ever since I saw Lord of the Rings.

Looking forward to reading everyone elses answers! :)

Running2Ks said...

Now hold on, this is a good question!

I want to eat my way through Italy. I want to go to New Zealand. I want to travel Europe with my husband. I want to go on Alaskan cruise. I want to drink my way through Ireland. I want to go to Hawaii.

Silver Creek Mom said...

Commom Up Pete with the wife & Kids..We'll show you a good time. LOL But bring a tent...LMAO!

the Rockies are awesome I have been there a couple of times and spent my honeymoon in Jasper Alberta.

Brandy I'd love to do those places too. Drinking through france and Irland and England and Germany....Crap you'd think all I did was drink but I really don't.

A curise can't wait to do that with the hubby!

nancy said...

Oooh....good question...have been so many cool places already don't wanna sound greedy but:
- Germany (Berlin specifically)
- Prague
- Costa Rica
- Hawaii
- Egypt (gotta see pyramids)
- Greece (gotta see ruins)
- Great Britain, anywhere

But there are just so many 'normal' places out there that warrant a visit just as much as those listed above, so to me, as long as it is somewhere I've never been, I'll certainly go. Well, OK, maybe not Iraq.

BeachMama said...

I would love to go to Spain. That would be first, then I want to go to England and France. I lived there when I was seven and although I have great memories, they are fading and I am sure everything will look different to me now ;). I also want to visit California, but want to work on my surfing a bit before hand.

Anna - who is usually happy anywhere with the family, but more so if there is a beach.

Manda said...

In my dreams I have a brand new Canon which I suddenly know how to use. I'm snapping away in the British Isles, Austria, and Italy. Sigh. Maybe when I grow up.

Richard K said...
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