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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Ok I'm stealing idea's from other blogs

Why do I always have something else to do when a good blog hits?

And about the thought or blog theif.

I was over reading Postcards From the Mothership like I do when I want to take a break before I race off to do something else, and Dani was blogging about the cute things that kids ask and say. I think it's totally amazing how they think and come right out and ask what is on their minds. We adults should take lessons and learn not to be so insulted when one does. No question is too stupid or lame to ask. We'd all be smarter, don't you think?

So As Snack Mommy is getting ready for the big arrival of her 2nd child her first asks tons of Questions. Go over to the Mothership and read them they will have you peeing yourself.

But I wanted to post about my Talks with Nathan. Awhile ago (PB- Pre Blog) I used to email out the Nathan Chronicles casue I just could keep to myself how funny something were that came out of his mouth. Well yesterday as we went to see my friend Robin's new baby girl...and let me say she is just the cutest little thing I could have held her all day. Nathan was asking how babies came to be.

"Mommy How do you get a baby? Do you ask for one?"

I brust out laughing and say "Well Yes Nathan in some cases you do. It's called adpotion"

He laughes and says "well can we ask for one? "

I said "No I'm happy with my 2 kids", to which he smiles and says

"Mommy was I asked for?"

Smiling to myself I say "Yes love, you were asked for but not in the same way as Maggie"

What a cool question don't you think?


nancy said...

Good question with an even better answer...

Pete said...

my wife was always asking for babies
(apparently, I have a problem with "no")

Silver Creek Mom said...

OH Pete you make me laugh!!!!

And why am I NOT surprised.


Running2Ks said...

Man, kids are DEEP!

BeachMama said...

Nathan knows just the questions to ask ;)

Anna - looking forward to some of the fun questions