“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Friday, September 09, 2005

Things are much better today

Sorry about venting yesterday...but I came as close to loosing it as I have ever come. Nathan and I had a long talk about how to behave when we are out. And today he stayed with Grandma will I did groceries. It was nice. We'll see if it sunk in. Maybe I over reacted BUT I Felt like it was constant the misbehaving.

Last evening went well the Satellite that Jack's company sent up went up without a hitch. Although he had to stay at work just incase and got home at 1 a.m. SIGH...launches are sooo exciting and a trying time. The party for the launch was great! They had veggies and dip friut cheeze crackers Juice pop and yes the Champange for the stage 3 booster. (Don't ask I never can remember why then) I always get alittle misty eyed when I see lift off. Probably becasue I can remember my first launch into space. (NO Not me the first on the Americans sent up) I was 6 years old and about to start school. I know I was very young but I remember clearly thinking are they nuts? Who would want to go to the Moon? And now there is a satellite network running 24 hrs a day talking about who is sending what up where. UNREAL!

Now to make my blog abit more interesting I thought I would try a Stupid question of the Blob OR
SQOB Doesn't that sound important?

Anyways it might make it more fun and we will get to know each other alittle better. One is not required to answer only if you want to.

So todays SQOB is

What is your favorite side of the bed to sleep on or do you have one?

MY Answer: The LEFT...WHY NO clue Feel like I'm falling out other wise.


Pete said...

the top

Silver Creek Mom said...

Pete It took me 5 minutes to figure out what you meant!!!! Now I can't stop LMAO!

Such a MAN comment!
Thanks for making my whole day!

Sharon Crying now!

nancy said...

Well, I like being on the right side, always have since being with DH, but don't really care either way. In fact we recently discussed switching sides, so who knows??

Just to clarify that SQOB = will it always involve us being a blob??

Marla said...

Hmm...if you were standing at the foot of our double bed watching us one night, I'd be awake trying to read, all scrunched up in the upper right hand corner of the bed - gasping at the crack of the open window for a breath of fresh, cool night air. The husband would be laying on his back with his hands crossed on his chest like a corpse; the toddler would be in the middle sprawled out like a starfish on the beach; and the ninety pound dog would be a snoring, farting lump shedding a gazillion hairs and vaguely resembling a walrus, spread diagonally across the bottom with her head cutting off the circulation below my knee. Sometimes I go and sleep on the couch.

BeachMama said...

looking at the bed from the foot, I would be on the left side. Has been this way since my husband chose the right side years ago. Something about being closest to the door for safety?! Funny thing is, I am the one who gets up the most during the night. Always have. But, I am always closest to the window, so I get the fresh air. When we go on vacation we always switch, just for fun.


Brenda said...

Another left sider here...something I got use to, I was a right sider until hubby came along. He prefered the right and that is also where our alarm clock is, so he gets up first giving me a few more zzzz's!

We also have that "starfish on the beach" toddler that has become very good at sneaking into our bed via the right, hubby side and a dog (happily a small pom/mix) who sleeps at my feet so that I have to curl up my legs.

Glad to hear that your little man settled down...he certainly was pulling your string the day before! AND you got out with Jack!

Running2Ks said...

I'm glad your little man is doing better. Here, we have the no-tantrum-or-else-you-lose-computer-time rule.

And for your SQOB, I, at the moment, and in every bed but 2, sleep on the left (my left, when I'm in the prone position). I pick closest to the potty :)

Running2Ks said...


Pete said...

Wow, it sounds like Jack has a really cool job! Watching a rocket or shuttle launch is something I always wanted to do. Maybe someday! :)

Silver Creek Mom said...

Pete...It was on a huge HD Screen. WE were not in Russia to watch the actual launch that's only for the mucky mucks...Sorry to brust your bubble.

Sorry she couldn't be more exciting for her BLOG buddies.

Silver Creek Mom said...

nancy...You hsould be my Proof reader...or at least become one and get paid...it's such a gift. I'll find on in yours one day I will.

Love ya dear...5 more sleeps!