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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Today we went for a walk

In our small town Buckingham, they have turned the log slews (remember what those were) into a walking path over the River that runs through the town it's quite a nice walk and on a sunny day it is used by walkers and bikers alike. And everyone seems so friendly! I don't know how many people said HI or just smiled today. Nathan has noticed this many many times as we drove over the main bridge to the other side of the river and I decided today was a nice enough day to walk the path,. it's not long but long enough. We talked about the ducks (they were geese but apparently Mommy doesn't know what a Canada Goose looks like, they are just BIG duckies!) Nathan was thrilled to run all the way through which kept mommy walking at a fast clip! Yippeee exercise for me!

Mommy Take my Picture euuuuueeewwww! (OK I can't type sticking tongue out sounds)

Mommy what's that? Mommy why is that there? Mommy! Hurry up there is a backhoe over here. Mommy what's the backhoe doing? and it never stops and I hardly ever get to answer.....

"Mommy! WHO painted the walk way? And they WALKED through it and got their shoes covered in Paint. Boy their mommy must Have been mad at them. I would never do that..Oh yeah! I would"...Chuckles to himself.

"Mommy look at the BIG Duckies!"
"No Nathan those are Canada Geese and getting ready to fly south. "
"BUT the white ones Mommy, they are ducks! "
"No Nathan they are just White Geese...
"Mommy! Your soo Wrong they are Duckies! HI DUCKIES! "
And I was not allowed to say anything else!

Yes there are Canada Geese swimming in this picture! Sorry forgot to zoom in.

Nathan's Really BIG Duckies!

Now he's sleeping on the couch I guess the ducks played him out. He was soo thrilled with it all.


What would you like to see with your kids on a nature walk?

For me would be beavers. They are soo shy but I would to watch them work. Nathan says MOOSE so he can say HI MOOSE! Go figure!


Running2Ks said...

Given the animal fears here (and they aren't all gone), I love looking at leaves and picking up samples of all of the different shapes and colors.

BeachMama said...

Cool Sharon, I didn't know those were there. It was a great day for a walk for sure, although we just played in the sandbox, but considering the few warm days we may have left, it was lots of fun.


DaniGirl said...

Wow, what a great place for a walk (but I have to go by your description only, as my work 'puter won't load the pix.)

One of these days I'll post my Hogsback walk with the boys, one of my fave walks in Ottawa.