“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Boring! Boring! Boring to anyone but me!

Since Anna asked. This is what happened on Miranda's trip. I was going to be brief but as usual I can't stop chatting about the GOOD things that happens to my kids.

I'm Happy for my daughter! She had a blast! The bus got back to the school at 12:15 a.m. LATE! I see her through the bus window sitting WITH Tucker and he was so afraid her Dad would be there to pick her up. They hugged they might have kissed but I was talking to HIS mother and didn't see it. DARN! LOL! Anyways she got off the bus and talked non stop all the way home, and then in Bed for about an hour. So she is pretty tired today. She said the plays were awesome even the one she had seen last summer. She said it was still a blast to see it again. Her and Tucker were singing the songs and reciting the lines to each other during the whole performance! One friend was getting pretty sick of it. LMAO! Imagine. Kids getting tired of other kids reciting Shakespeare. What's the world coming to! LOL! The highlight of her trip was being in a workshop with some of the Actors from Into the Wood. She was thrilled. She really had a wonderful time and they all behaved so well that the Teacher was thrilled. They are good kids.

They spent time going into little shops and at one point Miranda and her friends; Her and 5 boys...(GO figure the girls went shopping at Value village and Miranda said Pssfffftttt I can do that at home let's got to places we don't have. ) decided to talk with British accents so they went into a couple of shops and every single one of them believed they were a school trip from Manchester England. How to do Drama kids get roudy? They ACT! I thought I was going to pee myself after hearing that story.

Back to the Little Romance we have going on here. Miranda didn't get a chance to be alone with Tucker. The spent all their free time together and had a blast. Somehow they got to have dinner alone at a table with their other friends nearby. Their friends followed them everywhere in hopes of seeing their first kiss and taking a picture. SO it didn't happen till they were half way back and half the bus was asleep. I'll leave out the details...If you want to know e mail me.

So Last Night before we got back I told her she HAD to tell her Dad this a.m. I hate secerts. So I primed him so it wouldn;t be a shock. Told him that Tucker had asked her and he shivered...then I said he's terrified of you and he made a Huge smiling face. So I promted her and she told him and all he said was " Well what does that mean? You now are going to suck face in the halls?" She says "Ewww gross Dad that's tacky!" So he just smiles and she does and that was that. I'm sure he's giving her a lecture on the drive to school. We let her sleep in and drove her in.

Miranda told us this morning how Tuckers family, mainly his Dad found out, he was intending to ask Miranda out. He was on MSN talking to one of Miranda's friends and he had asked do you think she would go out with me and His father came in and read over his shoulder (Like I do) LOL! Shut the screen off and asked What's this all about? That's went Tucker got a lecture about respecting girls and treating them right. LMAO! Jack thought this was pretty funny! He had a smirk on his face. And Tucker never did see Mel's answer cause it was a pretty long chat! LMAO!

Now we just have to get through having Tucker over here for the first time as OFFICAL boyfriend/girlfriend. Poor guy is soo scared of Jack and that is going to be interesting. I guess I have to coach them of what is good behavior and not. SIGH!

So that's was her trip. It was everything I hoped it would be. She was very happy and was still bubbly this morning. What a happy girl. That makes me a Happy Mommy!

Sorry it's such a MOM type post but that's what I am...A Mom. Andif your read this far thanks for sharing in my family's life.

What do you think or what do you want you kids to grow up to be. Job or pesronal.

Miranda is going to be an actor no matter what we want. She just thrives on stage and has the features that just come alive when she is acting. She is just a caring loving person I can see that and I'm glad she is.

Nathan is ether going to be an accountant or a lawyer...Or Scientist. No clue he's too young. He is a caring loving little boy but can be a toughie when he wants to be.


BeachMama said...

Hooray!! Sounds like a fantasic trip, don't need details of the kiss ;) How great that Jack was a calm Dad. Hopefully his lecture on the drive was helpful and that they aren't fighting now :)

What fun!

Sunny said...

So Funny!!

At that first meeting you can expect Jack to do a LOT of posturing and such. Anything Tucker says is liable to get a caution look from Jack- just because.

It's a dads way of setting a pattern for future BFs.
It let's them know that he won't tolerate any shenannagans from them concerning his "little girl".
It's his right as her dad.
But everything will go fine- Just have Tucker warned to go slowly with the "sucking face" around Dad. Holding hands is perfectly fine as is a small quick hug.

My daughter is a collections agent right now. My Oldest son is in landscaping and my baby boy is director of a food franchise.

I wanted my daughter to be a model or a dancer- my oldest son to be a landscape designer and my youngest son to be an architect. They are all in their early twenties- and there is still time for them. They are all sort of in limbo with their careers.

Silver Creek Mom said...

Suny Thanks for the advice. Since I have never been through this it's great to hear. I'll warn the kids. Although I have already said NO sucking face infornt of Daddy at all. Quick kiss goodbye is it. And holding hands is ok but no arms over the shoulders...jack finds that too pocessive. LOL!

KNOW I remember my dad doing the same thing.

Running2Ks said...

First off, I love the acting. Reminds me of the Dharma & Greg stuff. Too cool.

I want my kids to be anything (except corporate lawyers, surgeons, or Republicans, LOL)

nancy said...

I want my kids to be what they want to be. I also hope with all my heart that whatever 'profession' they end up in, that they enjoy it, like it, love it.

Now as for your little romance story...I just hope Tucker doesn't wanna f***her. KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!! I just couldn't stop myself. (sorry?)

Sunny said...

Sigh..... Here i am with my morning/nightly cuppa- checking out the blogs- and you still have me waiting for another from you.

My cuppa is getting cold!!


I really DO enjoy reading your blog.