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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I have had it! In More than one way!

Yes PEOPLE I have had it. I'm soo sick of it I had to do something. I mean something drastic. I don't usually do stuff like this but I had no choice.

I packed up Nathan and went.... are you ready for this ....it's so radical....


I was so sick of being stuck int he house on cold rainy days I just had to GET OUT!
I can hear you all now OOOW Sharon that is so wild and crazy of you...Nancy Shut up! ;)

He had a blast so much so that he didn't want to come home. He's still sleeping..Ooops better wake him up.

OH GREAT! While I was writing about how wonderful our day was this had to blow in and ruin it.

My Father in LAW showed up and asked what I was making for dessert for Saturday night. " What?" I say. " You know for supper Saturday night the one for our 50th anniversary with all the people I've invited to may house for supper."
" What?" I say again "This is the first I have heard of this." Apparently for the last month. MY lovely inlaws are having a supper with about 30 people. This is the FIRST I have heard about it and it's in 4 days. I'm soooooo pissed. We had plans...now we have to change them. I thought the Steam Train Brunch was enough. WHICH we are doing on Sunday. So I called my loving Hubby Jack... First he's heard to it too. He's as pissed as I am. So I have been TOLD to go out and BUY a BIG cake with Happy 50th on it. LOVELY! It's not that I don't think 50 years is something speacial it's just that with Jack's family everything is sooo not orgainized and they figure we know everything but yet we are never informed of anything. This is not the first time. AND PEOPLE Are going to be told. MY Brothers in laws for sure. I tell you when MY 50th rolls around and If I get lucky enough to see it we're taking a month long trip to anywhere just not ot have to do something like this to our kids! FUCK IT! Sorry Venting. Potty mouth MOM again.

Pant Pant! Rant over.

Now I have to see if Miranda can change her Plans with Her boyfriend and see if he wants to come with us and save our asses and we can have an excuse to leave early, and like drive him home...Jack and are not party people.

Hope to live through this weekend without a cornary.


Over and out!


What makes you so mad you could swear?



Running2Ks said...

Stubbing my toe.

And you are so utterly and completely and gloriously right about getting mad. Now, get a cake style that you like and eat many pieces of it :)

nancy said...

I agree - go buy the damn cake. BUT make your appearance, and then leave in time to enjoy whatever you'd already had planned.

The BEST news is that I can now SEE your blog like NORMAL for the very first time ever!

And to answer your SQOB: When my hubby informs me of yet another business trip.

Silver Creek Mom said...

Right ON Chickies. I will and it will be marlvous. And I am getting the heck out of there faster than you can say **FUCKYOU***

Sorry about the swearing but I am ticked.

Sunny said...


Can't say as I blame you for swearing, Girl!!

First of all- let me say you are NICE!!! If it was me- I would REFUSE to get the cake- I mean if I wasn't important enough to be informed of the party in advance- so i would say SCREW IT!!

I used to get dumped on and taken advantage of like that- and then one day i was like you and said F-it.
And i let it FLY!!

I caused a HUGE scene- and nobody has tried to crap on me since.

A lesson to be learned!!

Good luck with it tho!! Hopefully Miranda and her B/F. Now you get to see if he's a sweetie or not. If he agrees to it I'll bet he earns some major brownie points in Jacks eyes!!! Think so?


Silver Creek Mom said...

Yeah Well I have lost it with this man more than once he think's it's FUNNY. I find it very hard to care alot for this man. Glad Jack is NOT like that at all.

I asked Miranda what she wanted to do and she called Tucker and told him the story and asked if he would like to come with her. He said of course! IF he can get his Mom to drive him down. I think it will be major Brownie points. I was surprsied too. GOD I just hope th Uncles and MY FIL take it easy on the poor kid or I will BLOW FOR SURE.

I'll leave. Plain and simple...

Pete said...

Whenever I do something stupid, like drive 45 minutes to go take a stupid test to get my stupid North Carolina driver's license. And I forget my stupid birth certificate. And then I look, and it's right on the paper I have that says "bring your birth certificate." And then I have to drive ALL the way home and get the stupid thing! And drive all the way back.

Yeah, stuff like that makes me swear a lot. :)

(oh, and having to answer stupid questions like when to turn your signal on - 100 ft? 200 ft?
I know when to turn my F***ing signal on!)

twinmomplusone said...

good luck with that party, keep your cool, be diplomatic and take off early!

what makes me swear: injustices, of all kinds, and my in-laws...like the latest drama: twins bday in 2 weeks, older dd's bday 3 weeks after...we don't know what to get them so will give them an envelope with some money, how fun is that for the kids? instead of coming twice we'll just come for the older's kids' bday and celebrate them all at the same time, great, the little ones are really going to like that! arghh, why is it everything they do push my buttons