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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

It was A Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend

And we ate and we ate and we ate...did I mention we ate? The weather was warm. Usually we have frost by now but not this year. The leaves are just starting to change. And my flowers are still going at it. Who Knew.

Spent time with close Friends (Yes you all have become that) People I think about daily if not all the time. It all started Saturday when Nathan and I went to one of our usual playgroup Mom's home to spend some time with them a few close friends from that group. People I wish I could see more. It was a wonderful time even though to the dismay of one of the gals there I didn't bring homemade pumpkim pie from scratch. I'm not sure she is talking to me today. LOL!

Sunday we went off to Church and then to my inlaws for lunch IT was great to sit there and eat. Although it's never been a noisy house. It was still fun to sit there and tease Miranda about her new boyfriend. Poor kid had a rough day, but apparently so did Tucker. His family did their share of the teasing. LoL!

So back to my house where my family came to eat there fill of yummy turkey, carrots and turnips and gravy and mashed potatoes. Everyone brought something so It was not much work for me. A house full of family and children running around making noise, but sadly the kids did not make as much noise as we sisters when we get together and drink. We're all cheap dates because not not big drinkers. Well at least I am. LOL! Everyone was gone by 8. Miranda what thrilled by this becasue she was teased mericelessly also by my family. BUT she took it well and teased me quite abit at one point. All I could do was laugh my fool head off, she can be soo funny when she wants to be. I did explain to her later that We love her and are just happy that she is starting another phase in her life and he is a nice guy. (although it is still a scarey one of us)

Monday (actual Thanksgiving) we spent cleaning up from the night before and fozen the last of our garden corn. And then over to my Brother in laws for leftovers!!!!!! Yum!

The only hitch in this weekend is Jack had to work during the time my family was here. He got called and had to leave the room to fix something remotely from here. BUT at least he didn't have to go into work. Jack is a funny man. He did know he had to go into work for 2:30 a.m. this morning. ANd he has always had trouble with 12 a.m. and 12 p.m. WHY I didn't know he has a degree and such but that seems to confond him. He set the alarm clock for 12;30...Which he thought was right but did not ask me to check. So I go to bed about 11;30 and happen to roll over at 1:18 and see that the alarm had not rang and wake Jack up. I thought he was to be at work for 2 and it's a 45 min drive. He jumps and says NO 2;30 but I should be outta here in 15 min. I get check the alarm and said you sit it for noon. To which he replies no midnight I say NO jack YOU have the p.m. dot lit. He groans and say I sooo fu*king smart I'm stupid. LOL!

Oh well my instincts were working over time.

So here's why we Canucks have Thanksgiving on the 2nd weekend in October.

Happy day all


Whenever your Thankgiving is.... What are you customs?

My is eat wherever I can and whenever I can....WOOT WOOT. Oh yeah and spend time with family.


Running2Ks said...

Eating. Eating. Eating!

BeachMama said...

Our's sounds pretty similar to yours. We always get together with family, eat, share, laugh. Now with all the kids, we play with them too! We had three dinners in 24 hours and leftovers last night. I think we will have something different today ;). Thanks for breaking free Saturday morning, it was great!!


Sunny said...

Thanksgiving at our place....

Watch the macy's Parade while cooking- football games on TV-

Lots of food and people. Always have the Christmas tree up(if we have an artificial one) and the lights on it. Then we all dress it with the ornaments.

ALWAYS - if anyone has a "lost soul" who has noplace to go on Thanksgiving- they are welcome to be asked to our dinner.