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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Monday, October 17, 2005

It's HARD to be a four year old!

You've all heard that there is a Mom out there that is mean and dosen't do a thing for their kids. You know the ones that just ignore their ever request and don't care weather they live or die? You've heard about those right?

Well apparently I'm that mom.

So you can all quit worring because you thought it might be you. Well it isn't. According to Nathan it's me. I'm the mean mom and I hate you Mom. I'm the mom who doesn't give him the right food...well presented the right way. I don't do a thing for him (never feed him give him baths or wash his clothes or non of that NOPE not me I sit on my duff and write blogs all day) and I don't play with him and I work too much and Horror of horrors I don't buy him all the toys he wants when he wants it.

Yup...that's me sums it up pretty darn good.

It all started last Friday when I left him at Grandma's to do alittle shopping. I guess buying food is not considered looking after you kids...Well to a 4 yr old. He didn't want to leave home so he choose to go to grandma's No prob. A couple of hours alone is a bonus to me. (there's that mean mom thing again) When I got back from buying food for just me and no one else. Nathan did not want to leave, but that's true of anywhere we go. He never wants to leave and when we arrive at said location he doesn't want to leave that location to come home. Daily struggle. So I hog tie the child under my arm and take him kicking and scearming to the van. On the way in the drive way he says Mommy I hate you. Ok that tears at the heart stings but I know he is just angry and frustrated, so I explain this to him that he really dosen't hate me but what he is feeling is anger and frustration. He agrees to this and says "Yeah I know but I still hate you too."

Saturday rolls around we have alot to do in one day. OK I HAVE lot to do in one day. We make it on time to to my nieces birthday party and I have warned Nathan that we will be leave after a couple of hours to come back home so Miranda can get ready for her Date with Tucker. So after the ritual Nathan you have 1/2 an hour till we leave and Nathan we have 15 min. Nathan 10 min. Nathan 5 minutes and we leave. I still have to chase him screaming around my borthers house with him screaming "I'm not going home and you can't catch me." He screams the full 10 min ride home screaming "I hate you you never let me have any fun. You won't let me have friends and all the toys I want." I tell him that you know sometimes when we have fun we have to leave to go and that isn't fun but it happens. I tell him again what he is feeling is anger and frustration and he doesn't hate me. He screams "I still hate you and your a mean mommy."

I breath and stay quite

Saturday night while taking Miranda and her date back to the theater to meet his Mom. My cell phone rings and it's Nathan saying Mommy your not her to put me to bed. I tell him that I am doing something for Miranda and that Daddy will put you to bed. He cries "You don't love me cause your not here to put me to bed." It's NOT like Daddy never puts him to bed. I just cuddle better. SIGH!

So yesterday while Jack and Miranda was working on her advanced Math homework, Nathan asked if we had any chocolate. I said no but we could do a secert mission and go get some. So we sneak out of the house whispering and drive to Maxi and walk sneakily in the store (Yes I looked pretty funny trying to be sneaky but he was happy) and whispered to the cashier we were on a secert mission. LOL! So as we are driving home he says to me. "Mommy Your so much fun I love you." I tell him I love him too. He goes on to say that he will still get and angry and frustrated when I take him from something he is doing

I smile the light is on and I think I've hit a home run
But then the other shoe falls...

"But I will still hate you when you do that."

So all you mom's I am happy to announce that the chocolate eating/soap opera, game show watching MOM who never does a thing for there kids is me. So you can stand on your pedistal and not worry cause I'm doing enough nasty stuff for all of us.

I'm sure I just heard a collective sigh of relief out there.
Your welcome


Have any of you told your parent that you HATE them and that they were MEAN?
I never did because they always made sense to me. Damn! Although I was very unhappy with them at 6 yrs old and was running away to Flordia to see my aunt. It's wasn't far on the map, really is wasn't. I never got out the door. My mom still laughs about this.


Anonymous said...

From 14 to 18..at least once a day depending on which parent I was living with at the time....

Sunny said...

I never told them I hated them because like you- I thought they usually made sense. When they tried telling me what I would and would not do after I came of age, tho- I politely told them I understood that was their opinion and what they thought I should do- but since I was an adult I was going to do things the way I wanted to...and if it didn't work out- I would be the first to say I was wrong.

And I did.


I have a totally different relationship with my kids. They're all grown now- but when they were growing up, we had gone thru so much bad stuff together that we didn't agrue about much.

It always felt like it was us against the world and it has carried over into adult life now. My hubby says that we act more like a group of best friends than mom and children.


Besides- Nathan is FOUR- Most four year old boys act like that. My grandsons act like that with their parents now.

BeachMama said...

Nope didnt do it. Couldn't bring myself to do it, even though I thought it several times. This too shall pass :)

Anna - knowing what I will be up against soon.

nancy said...

I said it once, to my Mom during an argument. I think I was 16. I remember as soon as it left my mouth I regretted it. I still do, Of course I apologized and we sorted things out and had an amazing relationship till the day she died, but I remember the look on her face when I said it and never did again.

Oneo f my boys said it to me once and it KILLED me. We now have a house rule and we are not allowed to use the word 'hate' and it seems to be working. Of course they can use it - in the right context eg. "I hate brussel sprouts" but until they figure it out, they are not allowed. We just didn't want them saying to their preschool teacher "I hate you" when they weren't allowed to do something.

I like your secret mission idea - definitely gonna use that one!

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