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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

Welcome to my new and improved Blog.

I decided it was time for a change!

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Friday, October 21, 2005

Like my new look?

I'm never satisified. I have to poke and try things out so I keep things fresh and alive. So Last night I thought I would change the look of my blog. I looked at them all because I'm no html wizard, I'm lucky that they have templates. And like my home I always willing to update and change the wall colours. I guess because I'm home all the time I like alittle change. LOL!

Well I set up my template and click...


Didn't it say I would loose all my edits and changes?

SHIT! I just lost all my links to the places I read every day. What the heck am I gonna do?


I'll go back...

Nope it's gone...


This doesn't have a place for my links! Arrgghhh but I like this one. I quit and go to bed.,BUT while sleeping; Don't we all get great ideas while sleeping? I figure If I can find one that has links I can cut and paste it AND add it in. So after alot of trial and error this morning I get all my links and save them to another file that I can cut and paste to my blog. Plus if I feel the need to redocorate my blog again I will have them in a file ready to go.


SO two hours later I finally have it done. It's not quite right but I haven't the time to figure out how to get the word "links" BIGGER and underline my heading for the links. Someone could just rewrite that and send me and email where I can just paste it in. I would totally apperciate and your would be my html GOD!

Since I forgot yesterday.... What your favortie season of the year?...I know what Anna's is. BUT Mine is when there are not bee's so I don't have to worry about Nathan, although I do like them all.


Sunny said...

I was half asleep when i clicked on yours and thought I had done something to mess it up- i thought- Owwwww- she's gonna be mad at me for messing up her blog- and then(about three minutes later) I thought- wait a minute- I can't change HER blog! SHE must have done it!!

Sorry I cant help with the html problem- Paulius set mine up for me.

My favorite season is NOW- Autumn. I love all the autumn colors, and the smells like burning leaves and pumpkins and Reeses Cups and Candy Corn. Not to mention the cool crisp days and the cold crisp nights.

Andlast but not least- it's the lead up to my absolutely favorite TIME of year- the HOLIDAY season!!

Hallowe'en til new years day.


I am getting ready for a decorating frenzy after next week!!

Silver Creek Mom said...


I got a good laugh out of this Suny. I like to change things around so watch out I might mess with your brain again.

I'm not so much a halloween fan but I am A Christmas to New Years Fan! I amy have a New Years Eve party this year...I wonder what Jack would say IF I invited Miranda's Boyfriend to stay over night and celebrate with us and other guest? ROFLMAO! I bet it won't go over very well.

nancy said...

Now instead of your posts appearing ABOVE your sidebar, your 'new' look has me seeing only your sidebar first and then I have to scroll allllllll theeee waaaaaay doooowwwwnnnn to read your posts. WTF?

twinmomplusone said...

nice new look! don't have nancy"s problem, the sidebar is next to your posts for me
no way can i help you with your html issus

love Autumn, the leaves, the smells, the cozy sweaters, the colors, no bugs, my kids birthdays...

Pete said...

Favorite time of year is Fall.
I'm sure going to miss it!

I really like the new look! :)

"Perfert Storm"?

Well, as long as that "f" doesn't get changed now, then I guess we're OK!
(that's a whole other type of blogging altogether!)

tomama said...

Looks great!

BeachMama said...

Love the new look, although mine appears like Nancy's but, that happens with Blogs sometimes, not sure why.

Of course my favorite season is Summer, but I do love fall too. The colours are gorgeous and the different smells in the air are great. And yes, I am getting ready for the holiday season. Thinking early!

Anna - missing my tan a little

Brenda said...

Nice new look Sharon!

I have the same problem as Nancy and Anna with your post way down the page!

My favorite season is spring...love the smells and looks of things coming back to life! (except for the smells of doggy doo that wasn't scooped!) Gives me energy!


laura said...

Oh! Oh! I know how to change the size!

Go to the word "links" in your template. Size is indicated by the letter h and a number, enclosed in the HTML angle brackets.

I can't just show you, or blogger just turns it into a heading and you can't see the HTML! So it goes like this: open angle bracket, h, a number, and then the close angle bracket. The bigger the number, the smaller the font, and vice versa.

You probably want an h3 or so, but it's easy enough to fiddle with! After the word 'link', close the code: close angle bracket, forward slash, h, the same number, and close angle bracket.

Hope you can figure it out without being able to see the code.

Hope that helps!

Running2Ks said...

OK you freaked me out, changing your look like that! But it works it works.

Autumn, of course :)