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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Personal debate

OK here it goes and let me just say I am really nervous about posting such a personal look at my self...I usually don't discuss religion or politics; people get too upset when you have different view from your own. BUT this is just a little peak into the mind of ME. Scarey as it might be.

This is MY struggle with what I hear and see. This is MY struggles with what is and what isn't. This si MY struggles with how I was brought up to believe and what the world tells me is outdated and wrong. Like being a stay at home Mom vs a Working mom ( ok I struggle with that to) I have not read the bible from cover to cover and I pretty sure I never will. And a story that makes soo much sense to me that I was surprise it came out of my brother in laws mouth.

I don't claim to be enlighten, intelligent or deeply religous. I believe in God ( I would hate to think of a world with out him) have had both my kids baptised and I go to church most Sundays. I was raised Roman Catholic and I now go to a Lutheran Church but have not joined or become "Lutheran" My reason are many and I do not want to go into them or do I see me joining any time soon. My husband seems to be able to deal with this and thank God he does or we would be divorced by now. I believe faith is a personal thing and cannot be related to one type of Church or steam of fatih. I do believe that God is a Hip happening sort of being and would tend to let things change and not stay the way the were. I go to church to keep peace in the family and Have no trouble being there. I'm sure it's good for me. Although I haven't heard a sermon in 4 yrs...since Nathan was born. Only bit and bites shall we say.

As well I have trouble with Science who puts down Religion of any sort. I can't believe that we just appeared and started to evole. I'm pretty sure A Larger being put us here at some point or maybe even as a single celled organism and then we evoled from that. Who to say that Adam and Eve were not created over a longer period of time. The Bible says 7 days but does God hurry about these things... I don't think so.

Now I live and I'm in love with a physicist. A man of Science. He's a great man and deeply religous and he believes in the advatanges of sciene. I will not talk Religon with him. We don't agree and as I said before it's personal. And I have friends who are Born again Christians, Agnostic and Atheist. I love them and do not discrimnate against them at all becasue of there beliefs. How Canadian of me. I do NOT know what to believe alot of the time. Becasue the media tells me one thing the politaicans tells me another and religion says another. Although my youngest Brother inlaw last weekend made a GREAT POINT the first point that has made sense to me in years. He's an engineer and also a deeply religous man. Although at times I think he is tooo mouthy and opinionated about everything. Anyways he was told by a professor that HE WAS STUPID to believe in God when there was so much evidence against it. We had all evloved from single cell organisms and developed from there. My Brother is quick to burn but he kept his cool and said this to this Proffessor. "Sir when was the last time you actaully seen an atom with the naked eye? Or quark? Or seen a molecule? You have faith that they exsist. You say science says they are there. They have been proven, But have you personally seen this? You have seen written scienctific proof that it exsists. You say that life doesn't, can't have exsisted on other planets in this solar system. Why are we the only planet in this system that does? Is that luck, evolution or is it God? Who knows. Do I have written proof of the same? Yes It's called the bible. A biography of a man that was here and did good? Who did mircales. Yes, I was not here to see it and I was not around when the atom was discovered, but I believe they both exsist. What else do I need to believe? Scienctific data? The millions of people who believe that Jesus exsisted without being able to read with me? When was the last time you seen something evolve? How many things have changed lately? Have we gotten any better? We in our opinin have become smarter but we have not truely changed in Centuries. Sir I have learned that we all need to believe in something and Sir I will not be told I am stupid for believeing in something I can't see and be proven because you Sir, do the same. At least I believe in treating the others with compassion and fairness and respect their beliefs. I believe that we are all here for a purpose and if the 10 commanments are out dated and old fashion well so be it but there is nothing hiddoiusly wrong with them and if we all lived by them call themthe golden rules we would have a better world. BUT at least Sir I do not presume to call anyone including you stupid for believing in something that can't be seen. " The professor was dumbfounded and after a few minutes of trying to say somthing to dispurt my brother in law, he couldn't.

And he left the room.

So Am I Christian...I hope so although after this some might say YOUR NOT. Am I creationist....No clue...Am I evolutionist...not even sure what that means. Do I really need a title? But whatever I turn out to be, I'm hoping God is right there with me, smiling at me, for trying to get my finger on what I am looking for and for trying to clear things up for myself. I'm not trying to change one persons views or point of view on anything. I can't imagine doing that. I admire people that can do science and yet still have there faith. Must be hard. I admire people who unrelenting faith.

I'll figure it out on my own at some point.


BeachMama said...

Ahh Sharon, you know how I feel about Religion. Don't be shy about sharing your BIL's story. It is a good one whether you believe in God or not. He is showing a little more faith in all mankind than the Professor. I personally believe we wouldn't be here today without either, Faith or Science. How do they mesh together? We all have our opinions but, I am sure we won't have all the answers in our lifetime.

You have a heart of Gold and are good and kind to others. Those traits alone show others that you are indeed a Christian. But, again you made a good point of do we really need a title? That is for each of us to decide for ourselves.

Good story, and one I will likely share, especially with my Dad as he is a man of Faith and would like to hear that one for sure :)


nancy said...

I was gonna kinda say what Anna did - why can't we have both? I like having both, they 'copliment' each other as much as they oppose each other, yet I can't see life without either. Does that makes senes?

Silver Creek Mom said...

Yes it makes total sense to me Nancy...I just wish the rest of the world seen it that way...but it doesn't.

Running2Ks said...

It makes total sense to me that you believe as you do, because I feel the same way. I noticed that my pastor (again, I'm Jewish attending at UCC church) was talking a lot about string theory and physics. So I talked to him about it, and he told me that learning about science has strengthened his faith in God. The more perfection he sees, the more he feel validated in his faith. He does believe in evolution--after the Creation of the Universe by God, we evolved. And I take the Bible as parables and lessons to live by. I think that openness is just what the world needs more of. Thank you for sharing your views :)

Silver Creek Mom said...

Thanks for sharing yours. Ilove to hear what other people think without being told that I'm wrong or that I will burn in hell for that. Should I be scared into believing I think not.