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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Monday, October 31, 2005

The Weekend is over and I survied!

I thought on Friday I would have a cornary or at least a break down by the time this 50th Annivesary was over. WAS it was the nice sunny warm weather or I got enough sleep I don't know ,BUT I decided Saturday morning to have fun and to avoid my FIL at all costs. He was more interested in his guests (as it should be) than talking with me. THANK GOD!

So ON to the important stuff you all want to know. How did Tucker fair our with Miranda's over protective but loveing father Jack? Well just fine. They had a few short coverstations and Tucker is not shy. And he was polite and he helped Miranda with anything she was asked to do, from peeling potatoes to cleaning up dishes with her. He played with Nathan and then had time to horse around with Mirnada although she didn't take him for a walk. I asked why later and she said she was waiting for me to tell her to go????? I laughed and told her Honey you have to take the oppurtunities when they present themselves. The only thing she did try is she asked whenI wasn't around was if she and Tucker could stay outside and look at the stars. Jack apparently relpiled that only if he could sit between them...she missed the joke. OH Well. LOL!
He seemed to fit right on in and none of my BIL's tease him at all. They were on their best behavior!

here...Miranda hiding behind a magnifing glass it\'s not working. Tucker laughs

When we first got there!

Saturday I spent doing alot of the cooking which I knew I would do anyways. This way the inlaws were left to entertain and I was happy doing things with people I liked to talk to.

with cream cheese icing....yummmmmmm!

Here they actually look happy! Go figure!

It was such a big group I had to sit at the kiddy table which be came the cool table.(there was me Miranda, Tucker and my 2 youngest BIL and my newest SIL) Jack said he was jealous cause we were having so much fun. We laughed so much our sides HURT.

Sunday was Steam Train day and the food was EXCELLENT! We had a blast and our guide was entertaining. I'm not sure how my Inlaws liked it...but like everything they like it for a day or two and then they complain about bits and pieces for the rest of their lives...Whatever!

Steam trian being turned by human hands!

Here's the happy Couple on the Steam Train. Don't they look just loving?

Here they are being serenaded by the musicans who are playing the Pasabel's Canon. MY MIL loves aboslutely LOVES being the center of attention... NOT!

Miranda at the Wakefield covered Bridge. That's were jack the kids and I went with my Youngest BIL during our layover. It was nice !

The Original Bridge was set on fire by arsonist back in the 1980's and the raised some money and built a new one just to have to walk over. It's still pretty cool!

Long Bridge says Nathan! AND AWESOME! LOL!

So I survied and I'm happy I had a good time with Jack and the kids and a Good time with my BIL's their wives and getting to know Tucker alittle better.

And here you thought I would be bit*hin' and complainin'. HA! Fooled ya.

Happy Hallowe'en all!

What was your favorite Hallowe'en costoume as a kid?
Mine was being an Indian princess.


twinmomplusone said...

see, things often turn out better than expected

that steam train ride is fun and what a glorious week-end you had to do it!

I was Little Red Riding Hood for a few years, my mom made this gorgeous cape and hood in red velvet with a satin bow and of course had the basket filled with goodies for grandma, funny how you never see outfits like taht anymore

happy halloween

Pete said...

I always sit at the kids table too, it's where all the fun is!

The train looks like it was really great. I love trains, and covered bridges.

I always had the halloween costumes that came in the square box, based on whatever TV or movie character was popular that year. The ones with the annoying plastic mask that never stayed on more than 5 minutes anyway because the cheap rubber band always broke. One year I made my own pirate costume though, (Mom helped) and it was the coolest!

(pirates are cool! aarrhhh!)

Pete said...

I always find that a cold beer (or six) makes family gatherings with my in-laws much more fun!

Silver Creek Mom said...

Arrrgggghhhh! I agree Pete especially if your Johnny depp in a Pirate Costume at my door..Arrrrrgghhh!

YUP the wine helped.

BeachMama said...

Sounds like a pretty good weekend on the Steam Train! And you had great weather for it too.

We didn't do halloween so I still have my favorite costume. I made a cavewoman costume when I was 17 and have used it for many, many years. I also lend it out a lot and this year my neighbour's son will wear it to a party :)

Anna - hands out candy though, don't worry.

Sunny said...

Okay- I was always either an evil witch or a witch a la Glenda.

being dressed in black always helped camoflage the chocolate stains from snitching chocolates before mom had checked them.

Also- i agree with Pete- pirate costumes are WAY cool- i liked them even before JD made them cool.

If only i could convince Paulius to wear one for me.


Running2Ks said...

Oh I couldn't see the pics, but that Tucker is just great.

And either girl ghost or princess.