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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Monday, November 21, 2005

I've been busy

And it's not going to slow down much either. C'est la vie.
My weekend was so busy that by the time I went to bed both nights I just passed out.

Miranda and Harry-

Friday I took Miranda and her girlfriend to her school so she could meet up withmore of her friends and boyfriend and go and see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. They took the wrong busy and got there late but not late enough to miss the beginning of the movie. I waited around and got my groceries done and some
Christmas shopping.

Where's the Beef and the fire?

In the freezer now but we spent all day Saturday cutting up a whole beef. (Sorry to you Veggies and Vegans) At noon race to take Nathan to his Cousins Birthday party and Miranda home to clean house, she had some friends coming over. Then back to finish with the meat. Then back home to cook for the horde and wait for them to go home, Cause all I wanted to do was sleep.

Harry Potter - my turn!

Sunday it was off the Church and then right back here for Miranda to finish her homework and Jack to put the snow tires on. I put up the Christmas lights. YES me. Othewise it would never get done. Then after our revoling door stopped. (that what I call our house when many people come over during the afternoon.) Jack and I went and seen Harry Potter. Now Remember Miranda and her friends went to see it and they were pretty good about not saying anything much about it. All they said it was the worst of all the movies. It moved too fast and they were missing big chunks of the book. Well I thought it was the best one yet. Totally Loved it. Thought it was better than the last one and the actors have really gotten quite good. So Miranda and I discussed the movie till about 11:30 when I got tired and fell asleep on her. LOL!

Kitchen debate

Now back to my Kitchen remodeling plans. Well repainting. I spent a lot of time last week going through tons and tons of books and mags trying to figure out what the best colour would be. Since my cabinets are Walnut with abit a of a yellow hue to them I've tossed that out. (sorry Suny) Everything in the room is beige with a yellow tone. Can't do that. So I thought Blue. But Miranda swore she would run away from home if I painted one more room blue. LOL! So it's not blue. I'm not doing green. I like green but it's not just what I am looking for. So I seen this really cool Red-Brown dining room they called it a lovely brick colour, their words not mine. It had white accents and look warms and bright in the sun. Now take into mind that my kitchen has 5 windows; 2 to the south, 2 to the west, and ONE huge window to the north. And the room is 30' x 15' , not a small room. PLUS we've decide to put up a plate rail 2/3rds of the way up the wall and around the room. I will paint the this rich colour up to the rail and then an accent colour or the ceiling colour the rest. So it will not over power the room. Plus it will hide dirt in the bottom of the walls. (DOGS)
My kitchen is almost county but I want to add some Modren accents just to keep it in the present not the past. So I'm adding modren light fixtures. I can't wait to get started. Once we start we should get a good groove on. Just need so time at home.

I will post pictures but I've done something to my picture file and I have to get Jack to look at it. SAD....but it's my fault.

What colour is your kitchen or would you like you kitchen to be?


Running2Ks said...

At the moment, it is white, but I have tons of honey colored wood all over. I am thinking something in the red range would be fun.


Silver Creek Mom said...

YUP>>>Imagine me standing here going NaH NAh boo boo!

I got to see HP and you didn't.

I'm soo mature for a 42 yr old...wouldn't you say darling?

Sunny said...

As you already know- my kitchen is buttercup yellow with a colorful border at the top. My cabinates are white. It's lovely and your RED/Brown sounds perfect too! All those windows with the light coming in- it will be the perfect mix of country and modern. Quite a coup to do a mix like that!!

Am going to see HP next weekend- Can't WAIT!!!

BeachMama said...

ahhh, my kitchen is a sad builder's French White. But, I would like it to be Manchester (Pratt&Lambert) just like my old one, and I can't wait!

I am looking forward to HP but, will wait for video, I spent too many years in Cinemas, I actually enjoy watching at home :)


BeachMama said...

Oops, I forgot to say that I think the brick colour will look great in your room. It will make it very warm :)


Pete said...

Me and Anthony saw Harry Potter last night! Joseph was very upset that I wouldn't let him go. But he get's scared. (We learned the hard way with the first HP movie!) I thought this was the best one yet. I especially loved the dragon scene. What a ride!

I don't care if she paints it pink with purple polka dots or zebra stripes. Hey, as long as there's food there, I'm happy!

But right now, it's white. Every room is white. We keep saying it's like we live in a giant apartment. But we'll get to it... eventually.

nancy said...

Benjamin Moore Muslin. Translation - beige. But a very particular one at that! We like beige, we are boring. My dining room is P & L Riviera Sand - sounds romantic? Greenish beige. Bedroom is Safari - sounds WILD....beige. We are gonna do the basement and family room in the spring - very likely beige. I do have ONE room not beige though - the powder room, about 6'x3' and it is Meditation Blue - so there.

Silver Creek Mom said...

Funny Nancy the Beige does not go with your PERSONAILY with is Bright and Bubbley to me. You need a good dose of RED! Somewhere. LOL! And I 've seen your house & I like it! BUT I love Colour must be the artistic side coming out in me. Took me 3 years to find the right red for my living room. I must say I LOVE IT!