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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Math, Miranda, And my 2nd post of the day

Miranda is having a really hard time in Math this year. She just failed another math test...one for the term. She cried and cried. She is totally crushed loosing self esteem with this course. Most of the kids are passing and this is not helping her at all. She may never come out of it. This worried me. She has never really liked math but she did fine in it. She has gotten 80's and 90's all through. Here marks were good enough she was automatically put into Advanced math. It's a fast paced tough course needed if you want to do the science in University, WHICH SHE does not. Jack says she can do it if she can stop making these mistakes but she says she totally doesn't understand what is wanted of her in the questions and how to solve them. She does fine in her homework but she says she doesn't have her Daddy sitting beside her in a test and helping her.

This is where the problem lies. Jack figures ANYBODY can do math. It's stright forward and the rules never change. I was loosy at math . The numbers and rules confused me. I blamed it on teachers but honestly I've been thinking about it lately I still can't understand any of it.. MY mind does not WORK that way and if I had needed math to gradtuate at the time I would not have. Miranda can do it, understands it, but makes small errors which makes her answers wrong.

This where I get upset with Jack. He likes Math, he understands it, He's a physicist for God's sake. He has no undertstanding for the arts at all. He articulate enough but hates to write anything. He figures she needs it in case she suddenly gets the urge to be a engineer or do something in the scienes. She won't. Ever since she was little she has never shown any interest in the sciences or wanting to know how things work. For some reason he is not willing to accept this. Which makes me mad! Nathan on the other hand will. I can see this in him He could count to 10 before he was 1 1/2. Plus right now he can add and show what 2 +2 = 's and knows what the quainties look like.

Parent teacher interviews come up in two weeks I want to talk to this teacher that gives killer exams. He says the Goverment gives killer ones too. I want to know what he thinks about this. I honestly think she should take the regular math which will let her graduate too. And if a bolt of lightening hits her and she wants to do something in the sciences, which I doubt. She will be more willing to try and undertand.

Honestly I think the world is made up of different types of minds. Ones who deal well with numbers and formula's and ones who deal better with words. And then ones who can do both but excell at one more than the other. This is Miranda's catagory if you ask me.

Should we force a kid to do soemthing like this or not? The answer for this is not in any baby book I ever had. I have no clue what to do here. I want to let her lead but Jack does not. And I'm stuck in the middle again afraid to voice my opinion in front of her in case I start another war between these too. SIGH....



DaniGirl said...

Tough call, but for what it's worth I have always regretting not following through with my maths. She's so young to be closing doors, and math is so helpful in so many fields, even for an artsie like me.

Although I came close to failing math (finished with 51% in grade 12) the only thing I ever failed in high school was income tax returns. And you know where I've been working for the past 15 years....

Silver Creek Mom said...

Pass is 60% here to graduate..>I know what you mean but does it mean that her marks everywhere go down because of it. I guess well see on the 15 th when the report cards come home. SIGH...i wish i new what to do.

Off to buy Pull ups...Another thing I wish I didn't have to do. LOL!

nancy said...

What is wrong with doing regular math? I would think it would benefit her more letting her actually learn something instead of struggling and learning nothing.

Take me for example. I was put in advanced/accelerated math in Grade 8. I did very well until college. Then it was calculus. Holy shit - impossible!! So, I took a step back and switched to pre-cal, then the next term back 'up' to the calculus and it really helped. I never took another one, figured I had done as much as I could in the math world. I took stats which I loved. (also with numbers, so close to math right?)

I believe everyone has a window/affinity for leraning certain stubjects easier than others. I also believe it warrants to tap into those strenghts, all while still copmleting the other mandatory important ones.

Talk to the teacher about it, perhaps they'll have some options that will help her.

The only 'other' thing I can think of that may possible my impeding the success of a teenager girl with her very first real boyfriend, is just that. Sometimes hard to focus on mathematics while devising love notes in one's head. NOT meant in a bad way, just a part of life that happens to all of us. Well, at least it did to me.

Running2Ks said...

I remember my mom always telling me that I struggled with math. I even skipped a grade in math and did ok. But I never had the confidence I could do it. It always reduced me to tears until my husband took a compassionate view and showed me I could do it--I finally believed him in graduate school.

I guess my point is, if her confidence is shot, that will probably hurt her more than grades. She needs help to either a) feel like she can stretch and do it or b) get into a class where she can get her confidence back.

I'm sorry.

twinmomplusone said...

Oh Sharon, this is a right brain/left brain dominance thingy and you can't fight it. Some of us are stronger in math (me) and some are stronger in the arts, the science geeks and the artsies. Seriously though, math is a subject that comes easily or not. Seems to me, Jack wants his daughter to be just like him, which she isn't. Her talents lie in the art world so why make her suffer in advance math. Regular math would be just fine. Maybe a math tutor would be the answer, a one-on-one approach without dad who most probaly is well intentioned but ends up giving the answers to the problems cuz they are so obvious to him (I know cuz I tend to be like taht with my own daughter and I have to refrain myself from leaking out the answer before she figures it our on her own).

Then again, you really need to talk to the teacher for their input. Is this just a temporary setback that needs a little shove in the right direction via extra assignments or tutoring OR is this a result of her being above her head in which case she'll just get totally discouraged with herself which is no good at all either. Hopefully, as nancy alluded, this is not a setback due to extra social engagements (i.e. boyfriend) or else jack will not be pleased at all.

good luck and let us know how it all works out

andrea said...

OMG you have just totally described the situation in my house when I was growing up.

I was never a math person. I've struggled with numbers and math concepts since second grade. My dad was a BIG math person and COULD NEVER understand why I didn't get it.

I just didn't! My brain isn't wired that way! My high school tutoring sessions (with him) were pure torture. He made be feel like a total idiot. It always ended in tears (mine) and him telling me I was a quitter. Ugh. I don't think I've ever gotten over it.

What might have helped was an impartial tutor. Someone who was really patient who could explain everything to me. I just needed time, and confidence. All I needed was to get through. I knew I didn't want to pursue anything math-related.

As it was, I dropped out of grade 11 math with a 35% grade.

And I was in a "gifted" program for math/science/english/social studies. I know I'm not stupid. Just in math. :)

Thankfully I didn't need math for my degree ... Journalism/English lit!

Marla said...

I was never inclined to do well in math, and kept assuring myself that I'd just get a job where I didn't need it. Then, I became a jeweller/auction house appraiser and had to to math ALL DAY LONG. Sigh. It is helpful to be comfortable with it.

I do have a slight case of dyslexia - I see numbers reversed and so have memorize them in patterns for phone numbers and such. What helped in high school was that I'd take my tests after school and the teacher would read the questions aloud. I just couldn't comprehend equations by looking at them, but if someone talks me through it, I'm fine. For work, I'd have charts pinned up and cheat sheets with my most common measurements and equations handy.

An anecdote - Einstein once said he never memorized his own phone number, because he could always look it up in the phone book. If Miranda becomes comfortable by rote with what she'll need every day by excelling at the basics in regular math, she can learn or look up anything else she'll need to do later on.