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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Friday, November 11, 2005

Not much here but, here is what there is.


And I'm very proud of my girl. Even with all the struggles she has been having this 1st term she got an overall average of 81% . Down from 89% last year but Whatever. I'm not going to give her heck for anything at all. She is still upset about her Drama mark and did talk to the teacher, who said she didn't over act enough and needs to put herself in roles she would not have tried before. Think Outside of the box. Honestly I think they should be told half way thorugh the term how to improve. She started out high and then dropped. I will speak to the teacher on Tueday night.

Nathan Note.
We had to go out yesterday and he was as demanding as usual and no amount of Bribery worked. He really enjoys being out and about and hates to leave to go home. BUT I had to and this made him MAD. Figures. So we left kicking and screaming again from the mall. Why do I torture myself? I keep hoping he will get better. He napped onthe way home and I ran through Timmy's for a cap . Nice drive. I wonder how many mom's do this, drive through Timmy's after their kids fall asleep just to have some peace and Quite. I have done this alot. MY salvation for over 4 years. LOL.
Back to where I was going with this. After we arrived home Nathan woke and was grumpy. Not unusual but I let him wake up slow. Let me back track here abit. The last couple of days he has this wee tiny basket he uses to give "presents" in. Always to me and I always have to close my eyes. It's cute and there is always a ball and a few crayons in it. I say Thanks you sooo much and give him a big hug and a kiss. I know Christmas is on his mind alot lately he is always asking whenChristmas is coming. Last night after the 6th or 7th Present fromnathan I tell him You know you were pretty good boy today but you still have to learn to leave from places without kicking and screaming. BUT I love you even when you are doing this bad stuff. And he says right back "Mommy I love you even when you yell" SIGH....

kinda get's ya right here in the heart doesn't it? Gotta stop yelling but at times...MAN!

I don't have much to say these days. BUT when I do watch out.

What was your overall average in high school? can you remeber that far back? ;)

Mine was about 77% I didn't study much either. Although I had to for histroy and Chemistry. LOL! Jack was my Chemistry Tutor for grade 11. Who Knew. ;)

Birthday of NOTE: Kalan Porter Turns 20 today! Happy Birthday! I hope the future holds many wonderful things for you.

But More importantly

Remember 11/11/11
Time to remember...Lest we Forget....


BeachMama said...

Shame, Shame, Shame... my average was way down there. So bad, I don't think I should post it. Although Miranda would think she was a genious! Let's say it included a 6 and a 0 !!

How sweet your little Nathan is giving you presents :) And yes, sometimes the truth hurts, but maybe he just focus' on the yelling because that is when he gets all the attention ?

Anna - who has had two full days of Patience again WOO HOO!!

Sunny said...

Miranda is doing great!

nathan sounds so sweet- even tho he is really annoying you with the tantrums.

My average was around 90%. I was a bit of a loner tho and a bookworm as well.

THAT'S hard to believe isn't it- seems somewhere along the way i "blossomed".

have a great weekend!!

Running2Ks said...

Here here on the veterans, congrats on your daughter's marks, and I tended towards B+/A- or the 90% range because I was bored.

nancy said...

WTG Miranda!! Only gets harder as you get older, I'd be damn happy with those marks.

High school was always areounf 85%, then I went to college/university and it went waaay down. I think perhaps it was a correlation between the amount of beer I drank and the decreasing number of hours I actually studied. Then I went on for my second degree and got my ass back in gear and made the Dean's List. I drank less beer, but also matured a wee bit too.

twinmomplusone said...

all right Miranda, you're doing great!

high school, 90-95%, yep, totally geeky, long oily hair, acne face and socially inept
college/university, small drop in average BUT immense improvement in social skills especially beer games ;)

and waht a sweetie your Nathan is!!