“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Monday, November 28, 2005

Not much of a blog

Sorry people Just pass right over me. I'm whipped.

This was such a busy weekend and I'm still recovering. Of the rain does not help and I have to leave in a hour to go to a meeting and I haven't even gotten dressed yet.

Friday We found out that a distrubed kid at my daughters school is stalking her & her boyfriend. He has a major crush on her and we are abit worried he may do violence to her or her boyfriend or himself. He's a loner and it breaks my heart that he is in soo much pain and has trouble socializing. Miranda has always been very nice to him and was his peer helper way back. Lately he has been sticking to her and shoving her boyfriend, so we are talking to the school about it and ways the help her and her boyfriend and him. Was NOT fun here Friday night.

Saturday I was supposed to go shopping for food and Christmas but my FIL showed up and TOLD us we were piling wood. My 45 yr old HUBBY was not impressed ( he had the van apart and was putting on new brakes and had to change the oil and fix my sick BIL cars) and had many other things to do, so I ended wheeling it into the basement with my BIL and hurting my arm and well lets just say a few other body parts.

Sunday I made Lasagna for a Playgroup Christmas party. Nathan was still pretty sick so I left him and Jack at home and went - by myself. I had a great time a forgot my problems for a few hours. After the Party I went and pick up Miranda and 4 of her friends and drove them home after a concert. IN THE FREEZING RAIN! So what should have took an hour and a 1/2 took 2 and 1/2 hours. Plus when I got home I found it hard to get to sleep and Nathan had me up abit.
So today I have been total sluge.

Not much here. Sorry...can't even come up with a SQOB. I'll have one tomorrow I hope.


Marla said...

I am making you an imaginary cup of tea and tucking you in for an imaginary nap.

I'll come up with your SQOB today, since I always like them even though I don't always answer:

Q: What is it about Sharon's posts that make you smile?

A: The way she loves her family and laughs at herself.

BeachMama said...

Sorry that Friday was a weird night for you and more sorry that there is a boy stalking Miranda and her beau. That is creepy to me.

Sunday was great and I hope you feel that it was worth the drive in the freezing rain :)


Silver Creek Mom said...

Thanks Marla! I drank that tea and had that nap... Feel More human. Just a headache now. And awwa shucks thanks for the SQOB....

It was worth the drive Anna. It always is when it is with people you love.

Running2Ks said...

Wow, how scary for Miranda, her BF, and your family. I hope that situation gets taken care of soon.

Hugs and virtual chocolate chip cookies for you!

Sunny said...

Wow- what a weekend!!

Here's to things getting better.
Now to answer the SQOB-

Sharons blog posts make me smile because it's nice to know i'm not the only one who has these crisis situations and can laugh about them. Nice to know i'm in such wonderful company!!

Pete said...

The things about Sharon's posts that make me smile:

It's more like a conversation with a friend than a blog post. Like you are just sitting right there at the kitchen table having coffee. :)

I like the SQOB's.

Sometimes the spelling makes me LOL!

Silver Creek Mom said...

You guys all ROCK!
I wanna have coffee and a chat with each and every one of you. OR drinks with all of you together...Now that would rocks!

nancy said...

SQOB answer easy: cause I KNOW her.

Marla said...

Pete's answer was better.