“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

OH NO Fluffy White Stuff! And other things

Yup got up this morning and it was cloudy and still green grass out the window. Nathan jumped up this morning and ran to the window and said has it snowed yet? Scarey, no clue why he did this when yesterday was +7 C and sunny and warm... but by the time I got out of the shower and actually looked outside the ground was being covered in all the huge wet white stuff that was coming down out of the sky. THEN Nathan noticed it and couldn't get dressed fast enough to go out and play. He spent all morning out in it and loved every minute.

Don't you love that Child like excitement!?!

Yesterday Miranda came home all excited. One of the Actors in her play was kick out. (Ok she was not excited about that but the kid kept missing reheresals and blowing lines) And the Director asked if TUCKER would replace her. He couldn't wait to tell Miranda and the rest of the cast laughed as one of the main characters shouted out "Oh Great GOING ... Ms. Glover...Good Job putting THOSE TWO in a play together. Geesh! Now we have to watch them make goo goo eyes at one another!" LOL!

It's it great to let the little things excite you?

I spent the morning looking though my home decorating mags trying to find the right colour to paint my kitchen. YES you will get the before and after shots but not today. Too lazy to go downstaris and get the camera and load it on and put them up. I've spent weeks going from one colour to another. I love LOVE LOVE Blue and I would Love my kitchen blue and it's big enough to do it. Then the other night I thought about a nice rich chocolate BROWN with a hint of red. My living room is red. But what about a restful green? Everyone paints their kitchens green. Miranda keeps telling me we don't need any more BLUE in the house. My upstairs bathroom is blue plus the spare room and the room I'm in now plus the playroom. Gee I guess there is alot of blue in the house. So I'm bouncing back and forth between colours. No clue what I'm going to do. Daughter wants green, Hubby wants yellow or gold, Son wants red and MOM who is the final voice in all this has no clue.

I got time right? Christmas is still 6 weeks away?

Do you like the first snow fall of the year? (if you get snow) I do but I know it doesn't last.


Sunny said...

I LOVE snow- whenever we get it- problem is, we usually get ice-storms instead.

For your kitchen- How about yellow with a border about 6 inches from the top[ of something you like with lot's of other colors in it? My kitchen is a rich buttery yellow with a border around the top picturing teacups and pansey flowers in purple, white, blue and pink with a bit of green too. And I have white with blue check/plaid dish linens to go with it.White plates for every day and Blue and cream colored "English Rose" patterned dishes for Sundays or special occasions.

It is lovely. It's also the one thing I am going to miss when we move.
I will always have a yellow kitchen-no matter where I live. Kitchens should be bright, cherry, happy places with lots of good smells coming out and yellow just suits that bill for me.

Mt second choice would be a french blue paint or floral wallpaper, with white cabinates and white dishes. Red accents and red and white linens, with maybe a country theme going on- like roosters and such?

LOL- Now look what you've done. I have a degree in Interior decoration and design and you got me started again.

I have to go move furniture now.

Good luck with the selection!!!

BeachMama said...

Sharon, I love the first few snowfalls, and love the beginning of winter, when everything is clean. It's when it gets into January and February when all the snow is dirty that I don't really enjoy winter so much. I am trying though!

As for kitchen colour. At my old place my kitchen was Pratt and Lambert Manchester. I used Para Paint, but the P & L colour. It was a bluish green, very soft, but cheery and cozy at the same time. I loved it, and miss it and hope to have that colour in my kitchen again very soon :)


nancy said...

Snow = thumbs down
Green for your kitchen = thumbs up

Running2Ks said...

Snow to get me in the holiday spirit? Yes--if it is a quick one. You have a great color palette in mind. Any way you go.

Pete said...

I'm going to miss snow :(