“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Thursday, November 03, 2005

a pleasant day at the book store...NOT

OK I'm mad...Really ticked...Did I mention I was mad? Hopping mad?
I'm venting about marketing. I know, I know you have to sell things and to make money and you have to make things pleasant when you are out shopping. BUT absolutely hate it when they use children to get the adults to buy. Today my local book seller went abit too far. I'm not going to use names cause I don't want to get into a whole lot of trouble for this and I did tell the cashier just what I thought on the way out.

I was looking forward to a nice look through the book store one of my faovorite things int he world to do. I went in looking for a book to help my daughter with her Canadian history and I told MY SON that we would look for a book for him after we found one for his sister. As we wander by the Childrens area he notices a train set set up for children to play with PLUS a big display of said trains. To sell. I'm sure it's a wonderful idea from a marketing prespective and most children would leave quite willingly. Ok taking my rose coloured glasses off BUT when you have a child like mine it's not a good idea to put such a thing out. He will NOT want to leave to store. He will not leave the store at all with kicing and screaming and making a major scene. He will want a train from the display. And Hence; BRIBE said child out of the store. WHICH I WILL NOT DO!
So after 25 min of trying to get him to leave peacfully, I have to take him kicking and screaming and crying to the cash and all these people look like I have been beating the child with a big ugly stick and that I'm so totally mean and should be reported to child services for not to buying him a train. IT's 7 weeks till Christmas PEOPLE we do not need to ply our kids with more merchadize, then don't we spoil the child and ruin the meaning of Christmas?

As I get to the cashier she is looking at me with pity on her face. I bluntly tell her that I will not be bringing my son back into this store while this thing is set up. I thought we were fostering a love of the written word, NOT marketing more crap that they can't read but just play with. Another sales lady say to my son "Oh well it will be here when you come back" I give her "THE LOOK"you the know- the Bite me Bitch! one and say that's excatly what you want. Every time I drive by here, he is going to ask to come in a play with the set and then it will be the screaming and crying again when I say no. And what have you done. You make me look like a bitch because I will not give into you marketing stratagies. THANKS! I pay and leave with Nathan screaming "I want to go back and play! Mommy don't be mean take me back to play" and this continues for 25 mintues after we leave. See marketing works wonders on children and we the parents have to be the mean SOB's for not falling for it. Pleasant - I think NOT!

PUFF PUFF...I may email the company!

No SQOB today...I'm too angry!


nancy said...

Oh dear Sharon, poor you, but I have to laugh, we are quite opposites in this. I LOVE it when a store has something for the kids to play with, test, read, etc...train tables are excellent. What better than to have them enjoy themselves while you can too. Grab a book, sit and read, or heck, I just enjoy the 'break' and watch them play. In fact there is one place near here where we go for that reason, just to use train tables. Or Chapters in the kids section to look at books (kinda like the library but no Starbucks there). Oh, and we very rarely buy anything. I think it also teaches them how to play in public, and they also never fight in an environment like that.

Then when it is time to leave, I give the 5 minute warning, then the 2, then the 'one more turn' and we go. Usually, the deal that we will come back soon seals the deal for a smooth transition/exit.

So where are you going next? That was a great rant!

DaniGirl said...

I agree with Nancy - great rant, Sharon!! Don't recall ever seeing you quite so worked up!

It's always awful when the kids melt down in public - and it happens to ALL of us - but I'm betting almost everyone in the store was not thinking "Look at that horrible mother" but "Oh thank god that's not me - this time!"

However, I have to say I disagree with you on the issue of having the train tables out for kids to play with. I love it when stores have toys out the kids can actually play with, and we often plan our shopping around places that have train tables (Toys R Us, Ikea and Ms Tiggy Winkles come to mind) because we can use them for incentive. The boys LOVE playing with them, so it's a matter of "IF you behave for the rest of our errands, you can play for a while with the trains." It usually works. Not always, but mostly.

You're right, there is definitely a marketing component, but I don't think it's any worse than the chocolate bars in the grocery store checkout line.

Maybe if you go back a few more times, Nathan will be sensitized to the coming and going, and won't be so upset when it's time to leave?

Silver Creek Mom said...

Yeah but your kids LISTEN TO YOU! AKA Your Blog I just posted on. That stuff worked with nathan up until 3 1/2 and NOW it just doesn't. HE Cries and screams wheni take him from fun stuff even if we have been there a good long time and ive him you got 10 min, 5 min, ok 2 min time to go stuff. I just get yelled at "NO I'm not going" I used to love it when they had stuff for him to play with. BUT when I'm in a hurry like I was yesterday I had to leave. THIS does not help me.

Glad I made you smile...but I'm not taking him back for awhile. SIGH!

Sunny said...

LOl- you sound like me with my kids when they were little. If they were good they were rewarded- not always but they got to do stuff again that they liked. if they threw tantrums, they didn't get to do said fun thing for a VERY long time. Stand your ground girl!

BTW- When my children threw temper tantrums, I would lie down and do the exact same thing they were doing and kept saying no until they stopped. Only had to do that once and the tantrums stopped. It'll get you some funny looks in the middle of the supermarket, but the kids get the point. they get embarrassed and see their fits wont work on you and other parents just laugh.

Too bad you were in a hurry and didn't have time to throw your OWN tantrum for him.

What do you think? Are you brave enough to throw your own temper tantrum in public to prove a point to a child?

If not- then try it at home and see how it works. Then when he starts to throw one in public you can just say"Son, Do you remember what mommy does when YOU throw a tantrum?"


Sunny said...

Oh and BTW- just because you don't like McDs is not a good enough reason for me to remove you from my favorite blogs!

For that you would have to say you don't believe in Santa.

Running2Ks said...

Just plain irresponsible. The store should be ashamed. Don't be shy about posting the name--we need to know where not to go!

BeachMama said...

Sharon, I have to say I both agree and disagree with you! How's that for sitting on the fence :) A couple of weeks ago, I witnesses and exact duplicate of your situation with my nephew at Ikea. The two cousins were playing with the toys (I don't usually let my guy for that reason, but was willing to give it a shot, with my Sister as backup). When it was time to go we did the 5 minute, 2 minute, time to go back in the strollers and if you are good you get a "snack". Well, my son was into the stroller and eating before you could say boo. My nephew threw the biggest most embarassing fit, I was almost crying for my Sister, people were commenting, I was holding her stroller so it wouldn't fall, then my guy started to cry... it was awful.

Then you turn to the examples Nancy and Dani gave about liking stores with toys to play with. I have yet to give it a try, but I think it will happen that I will enjoy visiting said stores and letting him play one day. The day he knows absolutely for sure 100% that they are not his, he can't take them home and when I say it is time to go, we go. That day may never happen, but if it does you will see me there, until then... we do it my way ;)

Anna - how's that for a mean mommy??

Silver Creek Mom said...

I guess my problem was I was surprised to see it there. I guess I was mistakenly under the impression that a book store SOLD BOOKS NOT TOYS! I expect to see things like toys in toys r us or tiggle winkles. ANd have no problem letting him play at place like this when I have time. BUT I didn't yesterday. I very seldom get a chance to go out and do earns by myself so this made it hard to accomplish what I wanted. Needless to say I spent 45 min in palce I wantd to spend 20 becasue I had to let Nathan play with something he could spend all day playing with.

I still believe you should foster a love of books with story time (which they stopped) or something like that. Hard enough to get them to read sometimes.

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