“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Friday, November 18, 2005

Sexy Celerbrity Men

Gotta ya!

I bet you thought it was a post about my torrid affair with some sex celeb that I met on the streets of my home town. Well NO....I've never met anyone famous other than Ann(for about 30 seconds) and that was pretty cool and she's not a sexy man...no offense Ann.

So Here's a list I got over at Suny's site and I have been too busy to download pictures or write a blog abour my kitchen ...but I promise MONDAY there will be pictures and stuff of some interest to read. I have one heck of a weekend ahead. SIGH

So here's the men I deem worthy of my attention or I just thought the name went with the letter. LMAO! (Yes some are twice but some are worth mentioning more than once. )

A-Z Sexy Celebrity Men

A-Antiono Banderas
B-Jon Bon Jovi
C-George Clooney
D-Johnny Depp
E-Erol Flynn
F-Fred Flinstone
G-George Clooney
H-Tom Hanks
I-Mr. Incedieble
J-Johnny Depp
K-Kurt Russell
L-Liam Neison
M-Viego Mortisen
N-Nathan Lane (I struggled with this one)
O-Olando Bloom
P-Patrick Stewart
Q-Denis Quaid
R-Ryan Stiles
S-Samuel Jackson
T-Tim Curry
V-Vince Vaughn
W-Owen Wilson

Can you fill in the ones I can't?

HARRY POTTER OPENS TODAY! How many are going to see it this weekend? We are!


nancy said...

Never met anyone famous? You've met ME!!!

Harry Potter today? Another movie? Honestly didn't hear about it till now.

I may have to try this Meme...never hurts to think about hot men, and 26 of them!!

Silver Creek Mom said...

Arrr hummm ooooo....Yeah I've met Nancy.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire COmes out today Miranda is seeing it this afternnon with a bunch of her friends and Jack and I get to see it on Sunday. TOO BUSY Tomorrow.

Yes 26 HOT men...>Sigh It's was Meme made for MOI!

BeachMama said...

U could count for 4!! U2?!?!? Four great hunky men who will be singing just for me next Friday!!!

Anna - who will wait for Harry to be released on video.

Running2Ks said...

I'm with you on Clooney--I was lusting today. But Fred Flintstone?

twinmomplusone said...

enough already Beachmama, you're starting to p..s me off (j/k)

Silver Creek Mom said...

LOL Fred was put in there to see if anyone was really reading... YOU WIN!
Plus his name went with F and I couldn't think of one.
Brain dead.