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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Thursday, December 15, 2005

I love my Boy, I really DO!

Alas taking him shopping has never been easy, well since he was an infant and I could tie him into a stroller. And this time of year makes it worse. There is sooo much stuff, so much colour sooooo much excitement that he finds it hard to contain his excitment(I can handle) or dissappointment.( No one can handle) Yes both happens within nano seconds. Today I went out to do a few errans in town. AND knowing what would happen I asked him to stay next door at my mom's. Yes I live next door to my parents and I LOVE IT! I have sitters next door when I need them. Well when they are home. Both are retired and so busy I hardly ever see them. But I digress.

Nathan wanted to come with me today. I told him he had to behave there was alot I had to get done. Plus I had to go to another town to pick up a box at the post office. I also told him he would NOT be getting a toy at all until Christmas. I have said this many many time over the last few weeks. Now I don't buy him something evertime we go out but I do get him something if he behaves....It could be a book or a toy or a piece of chocolate...HE Loves Chocolate. BUT if he doesn't I bring him home without.

We were at one of my favorite stores and getting all the last minute stuff like cards.(Yes I'm not done they will be late) trying to find a birthday present for one niece out west and one here. (yes both are late as usual) Wrapping paper...I usually leave this to last but this year I'm ahead of the game. WOO HOO! I bought a ton of Christmas cookies (OK I may bake but just in case they are in the freeze for unexpected company!!!!!) I'm No Anna. We wander throught he store and look and pickup some stuff and things are going fine and he is being great. He keeps saying Mommy I'm so happy to be here with you. I love that. And as Promised I said he could LOOK at the toys (he always asks and I usally let him) And he seen this Car transporter. OH it was heaven on earth for my little 4 year old boy. A car transporter WITH the Cars! And the worst was it was $4.99. But being the good parent I am I stuck to my guns and said no you can't have it. Even though my heart said get it it's only $5 but my head said Christmas is in a week and he doesn't need this.

Nathan being Nathan sat on the floor and screamed and let those big beautiful tears flow down his loverly little face. I leave the isle and wait just out of sight hoping he will get up and came to me. NO...my little boy slides on his tummy down the isle and everyone who looked at him got screamed at and he hid his face. So after 5 min of this I picked him up and carried him to the cash to pay for what I had gotten. He promtly sat right on down and cried some more. On the wet floor. Shopping trip ended.

He's a stubborn kid. I hope he eases up soon. I have seen some of this. Like the night we all went to Miranda's Play. He was the prefect little boy and watched all 3 performances. 5 is coming, do they magically behave at 5?

What makes you soo excited that you can hardly contain yourself?
For me it's a Surprise for one of or both my kids. (Or for anyone else for that matter; I love to give people stuff) I can hardly keep my mouth shut. Like what I have gotten them for Christmas I want to give it to them all NOW! Ok I'm a big kid.


BeachMama said...

Sorry that I bake :( I stopped posting photos of my cookies for fear of being flogged :).

And sorry you had a rough go at the store today. I hope for you that he does magically just start to behave. Too bad you didn't have a jogging stroller. It looks more "grown up" and my sister-in-law used to call it a "buggy" and strap her son in. Did it right up until recently he is now 5 1/2. If J ever gets out of control, you can bet I will be bringing the buggy everywhere!

I have to admit that the U2 concert made me so excited I thought I was going to pass out. Otherwise, it is watching other people get surprises that I helped conjur up, like a visit from my sister.

nancy said...

Tough question...surprises I guess Oh! And seeing the boys when their Dad returns after a budiness trip - that's it!

AGK said...

I REALLY didn't want to say anything, but I can't read your blog with the red text. It hurts :(

Running2Ks said...

Oh I am so like that too. When I find or make the perfect gift--I can't wait!