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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Merry Christmas to ME..Merry Christmas to ME!

Do you think I'm alittle excited by that title? Well I am just a bit.
Let me explain

You see Miranda seems to be in alot of PLAYS these days. Plus we know Nathan is coming on up to being school age and he will be in stuff I want to perserve and keep forever. Jack came home last week and said how about we get a Digtal Camcorder. I being STUPID said naw, we don't need one lets wait till the good sales after Christmas and Miranda's god parents are coming to one performance and will record it for us. Well nowas fate would have it, they can't come. Last year we were offered and borrowed a old one from a GOOD Friend. (thank YOU!) But I was terrifed of breaking it and she is having a BABY ANY DAY NOW! (hurry up) will probably want it so I didn't ask. And it wasn't digital.

While washing the kitchen floor today (Yes I do clean even I get grossed out at dirt from time to time.) I decided TO HECK With the MONEY GET ME THAT CAMERA NOW! I Had to wait till lunch knowing Jack was in meetings all morning but when I called Jack at the Office and he said he will get me one before Miranda's final performance on Saturday night.



I'm just a touch excited....Now I feel like decorating...HO HO HO!

Do you and your significant other buy gifts like this at Christmas for each other? We tend too, Last year was my digital camera, which I love!..now I'm adding to my collection. YEE HAW!


Running2Ks said...

We used to do something big--like buy a computer. Now, not so much. I love the red and green on your blog :)

Sunny said...

Wait a minute- wasn't there another post on your site with a list of stuff about Christmas earlier today? I wasn't feeling well and was going to read it later and now it's gone.

Was I hallucinating?

I must be sicker than I thought!!!

Ann D said...

Well, that's Christmas-ey!

Can you drop me an email when you get a second? I need your address in order to send you your prize pack for my recent blog contest.

Ann D

nancy said...

We always do gifts like this. DH wanted/needed a new drill, saw one in the flyer for 50% off in October, we bought it and since he hasn't needed it (yet) it awaits under the bed until Christmas morning. I know what I am getting, a new blender since mine crashed & burned a couple of months ago. I would rather get a gift we want and will use than not. I don't even know what a digital video camera is - have fun!

And I am also sure I saw another Christmas list type post on your site the other day, which was good and I wanted to play and now it is gone. Where?

Sunny said...

Oh thank GOODNESS- I thought I was seriously going nuts! Nancy saw it too!!!!

I'm not CRAZY after all.....well, not about that post anyway.

BeachMama said...

We still get each other gifts, but they are usually practical ones, like clothes, etc. I started doing a wish list every year of ten things under $20. That way we always get some fun things under the tree :). We do get family gift each year too, this year will be an Xbox 360, not that I will ever play games, but I will use the DVD part of it.

Can't wait to see your fancy camera in action :)