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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Monday, December 05, 2005

Things I didn't Think I would have to worry about.


Still worrying about this Stalker thing. I guess he's not really a stalker since Miranda does know him but he follows her and her boyfriend everywhere. When they try to include him he walks away only to come back later. They figure it would be better if he talked to them. He Will talk to her if she is alone or in class with her., but not when she is with others like Tucker orJason. SIGH. I feel for the kid. He is shy and has not friends that Miranda can see. HE is alone all the time and when he talks to Miranda he keeps talking about suicide. NOT GOOD. It may be just a cry for attention or it could be a cry for help. But how does one know the difference? She was to go and see a Councillor today. I am waiting for her to get home to see what they said OTHERWISE I'm going in again.

How can one feel so left out in such a Big school? How can one not have any friends? I remember not having many but there was always one I could hang out with. I was shy too and picked on and lots of people are and still have at least one friend. Why aren't the parents busting their butts to help this child? Is the system failing this boy? I'm afraid me may become a statisitic. I worry he might do something to Miranda and her friends. I worry but foremost I worry about Miranda. What if he does do something to himself? How will she deal with it? Will she blame herself? She doesn't know how to handle this...and neither do I. I have no clue what to do. We tell her to be nice to this boy. Try to include him but don't to anything to lead him on in other area's. This Child has been suffering like this for at least 3 years now. That I know of and I have been told he has been saying he wants to end it all since grade 4? WHY?

QOB (I left the S out becasue it is not stupid)

How many of you where Shy in school and were picked on? And did you have at least one Friend? I was shy and awas picked on. I didn't have the right clothes and most were hand me downs. Kids pick these things up even when I was wearing a uniform they knew I didn;t have the money. I seem to have survied.


Sunny said...

Believe it or not- I was shy when i was in school. I had two "girlfriends" and for some reason I had two dozen "shy guys" who just seemed to gravitate towards and want to hang out with just me. It was kinda nice feeling so special,brought me out of my shell a tiny bit, but it was just excruciating being the center of their attention like that, too.

I didn't have money either altho my daddy made a good living for us. I usually got two pair of BRAND-NAME jeans when it came time for school shopping instead of five pair of off-brand ones- and I shopped for most of my shirts and jackets and such at the thrift shops-before it was cool to do so.I also made alot of my clothes. you know- sewing. Not alot of people do that now. And I was fairly fashionable.

I still have that habit- for a hundred dollars I can have a whole new wardrobe.

I just need a sewing machine now.

BeachMama said...

Sharon, I think I have told you how painfully shy I was, am. I open up after getting to know people. Some of the hardest things I have done personally is to go out of my way to meet people I don't know (i.e Breakfast with 12 nutty women ;) ).

Although I always had a great friend or two, most of my aquaintances were cast-offs of my really outgoing sister. All her friends paid attention to me and made my high school life much more bearable than it could have been.

I did know several guys like the one following Miranda. I just treated them like all my other friends, they are all here today and aren't so creepy anymore. Most have great careers too. Here's hoping he is just crying out for attention :)

Oh yes, and we did not have the money growing up. It wasn't until I was much older that I found out how much my Mom and Dad gave up for us all so we could have the cool shoes or jeans in school. Let's say, my Mom shops well and treats herself often now that we are all grown up.

Anna - who just pulled a Sunny and got three pairs of pants a sweater and socks at the Gap for $98.00 :)