“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Well my Smart, LOVING Daughter did not go and see a councilor yesterday. She talked to some others and they say he is just fine with them so he is only doing this with her. BUT I told her it doesn't matter what he does with others it was he does with you that you have to take into consideration. I guess I have to call the school again MYSELF. I have to call them anyways I'm ticked at the math teacher.

Miranda is having trouble in math. I talked about this here abit. This MAN does not make it any easier. She has to study for all her tests and let me tell you they are ridiculously long and their is no reason for them to be that long. This is the week of Miranda and a few of the others have to perfrom their plays that they have been working months on. And yesterday he says "OH you all have a math test on Friday. " A bunch of the kids tell him that they have a Play Thursday night and a reheresal on Friday at lunch for the next preformance.(These math tests start at LUNCH time and ge through a full 75 min class so 2 hr and 5 min) He just bluntly says" I don't care. " I know the whole school walks around this man like he is china but he's about to get broken. Grade 10 is a hard year. When I have met with him I foun dhim arrgont and condisening and not will to budge on anything. He stacks his staticicts but walking in class and telling kids most of them will not be there by Christmas becasue they can't cut it. Supportive...I think not. The councilors tells the kids to do something that is fun to balance all of the stress. I agree. SO ON the NIGHT she has to perform she has a math test the next day and can't study for it because she won't be home till at least 10:30. I know she will be studing when she gets a chance before but this IS SELFISH AND UNREASONABLE. The Vice Prinicpal will not like me much after this.

SO I'm off to shower call the school and have lunch with a dear friend.
Have a good one

Did you have a teacher you thought was ridiculous?
I had one I ablsoultely hated in Grade 4. He made us memorize poety...nothing wrong with that but if you got one word wrong he made ridiculed you and had the rest of the class laugh at you. Let me say MY DAD was in after that one. Didn't stop him though.

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Running2Ks said...

Oh yes, and I confronted her myself (5th grade) and she backed down and apologized :)