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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Well they plays are over for now.

And after seeing 4 performances, I'm Whipped!

After all the Reheresing and running to and from reheresal's the Play came and went, it seemed so fast. And they were worth all the work.

Let me just say, and not just motherly pride talking, but MY DAUGHTER was outstanding. Her Character was amazing and she was great at covering up goofs when they arose and so were the other kids in her particular production. So much can happen when your working with a dummy as a dead body! At one point Miranda leaned on the so called corspe and pulled the hand off of the dummy. So she picks it up and dropps it in the laundry hamper they were putting the body into. Basil said "are they supposed to fall apart like that?" Dr. Price Answers "I don't think so!" The 2nd perfromance they tried really hard to keep the hand on the dummy. AND at a different point the hand has fallen off and Manuel picks up the arm and goes OMG THE HAND IS MISSING! Miranda picks it up says "found it" and drops it in the bin. The audience was dieing of laughter by this point. I wish I could show it to you. It was hilarious!! She got one of the biggest ovations during her curtain call. And I was taking pictures not clapping!

The First night we seen House of Mirth and it was wonderfully done and the kids in it were awesome. You could tell the worked hard and were proud of it. It was not an easy pice to do. Miranda's boyfriend was in it and he was awesome too. You can see why Miranda and him get along so well.

The next night we seen 3 Fawlty Towers. Miranda Played Polly and was on stage for most of the performance. They needed her to help alot. She got so many laughs . The next night we seen 2 more Fawlty Towers and 15 minute Hamelt! It was a hoot!

Saturday night was a repeat perfromance of Miranda's Fawlty Towers. It was like watching different show. Both nights were really funny!

Hers' a few shots of the show.

Miranda as Polly and Manuel. HE was tooo funny! Basil Fawlty is in the background and he was the best oneof the bunch since there were 5 Fawlty towers!

Basil, Polly, Cybil and Dr. Price (Miranda's Guy) talking about the dead body Mr. Leeman!

Dead Body in the Kitchen a BIG NO NO!

Curtian Call!

And now we get ready for the Auditions for the muscial, which is next week! SIGH and the running begins again in January...Beauty and the Beast in April!


twinmomplusone said...

Way to go Miranda! Job well done!

Running2Ks said...

Miranda rocks--and she's an improv queen :)