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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Monday, January 30, 2006

I should or could

I should be doing something.
Anything other than sit here and write mindless dribble that happens to be the only thing going through my head today.
I should be doing laundry or at least folding it.
I should tidy up my bedroom...Uggh Looks like laundry basket exploded in there.
I should get the potates in with the pot roast.
I should make a couple of copies of Miranda's Play to send to relatives.
I should wash the kitchen floor...the right way instead of the pick up's I've been doing.
I should do a workout...I feel lazy no sun.

I could tell you about gym & swim. Nathan refused to do gym. I left him there to sit and watch and I left the building. I figured it would be better for him if he didn't have me as an excuse to run to. It didn't work. My girlfriend who stayed said he si one stubborn little boy. YUP! that's my boy.

I could tell you how proud I am of the Swim part of the gym and swim. Nathan stayed int he water almost the whole time saying he was swimming and he must have done the lenght of the pool a couple of times. He's slow and when he figures out how the use his hands he'll be moving. I am happy he at least does that!

I could tell you about the lady at the Winterlude Ball I was at on Saturday night. She was quite the entertaiment for all the men on our side of the room. In a way I envyed her. She was about my age but had a body to be proud of and KNEW how to move it against the gentleman she was dancing with. The only thing missing was a pole. She had the eye of every guy in the place. Good or bad. I kid you not.

I could tell you it snowed bunches here today. Not the freezing rain I expected.

I could tell you about how Nathan caught Miranda and T sneaking a kiss while watching a movie Saturday night. He turned and said "you don't kiss my sister! And you watch the movie" (to Mir) they both just about died laughing. Jack was soo proud!

I could tell you about my Dad who is going to be needing oxygen all the time now. NOT GOOD he is not happy about it. He's only 68. Smoking does this to you. Please quit.

I could tell you about my couisn in Calgary who is dieing. He is only using 1/3 of his heart. He is 58...One asks why he didn't go for a heart transplant. It's Sad. He smoked too, and drank, and ate badly his whole life....Please Quit and try to eat right.

I could tell you about my uncle who had open heart surgery 5 weeks ago and is now up and walking after having a rough time. He still isn't talking yet. BUT he knows who everyone is. He didn't smoke or drink but was inactive...Exercise or at least walk.

I should do something. I have to drive Mir to paino tonight. I don't know if she has a after school rehearsal or not. I guess I'll see in 45 min. If she is home or not.

Although I could and did make an appointment to enroll Nathan in school for the fall. So next week I go and fill out all the paper work. Can you believe my baby will be 5 this summer and ready for kindergaten in September? While my Oldest starts her last year of high school and will be off to Cegep or University soon. Both of these scare me to the liven end. One ending and one starting.

I think I will do a workout. Don't need me falling into bad health. I have kids to torment and mindless blogging to do.

Do you ever let yourself have a lazy day?


twinmomplusone said...

That turned out to be a great post Sharon.

That's exactly what a did today: nothing. And it felt great.

Sunny said...

As often as possible.

And i don't feel guilty about it either.

BeachMama said...

I agree with TwinMom, it was a great post. So informative, sorry to hear about your Dad and cousin. Glad I quit. I can't believe Nathan is almost 5!!! It's craziness ;)

I had a lazy day last week, read a book while J played and then we both had a nap together on the couch in the afternoon. It was great :)

nancy said...

Lazy Day?? Does being allowed to stay in bed till 10 AM count? It was all over at that point, but let me tell you just how savoured every minute past 7 AM was....