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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Thursday, January 26, 2006

I take it all back

Yes me.

I take it all back.

All this stuff we have been going through with Miranda, my hubby Jack has really not been here or home to help with it. I've felt like I've been muddling through on my own and getting very grumpy about it. Now Jack is a good provider. We life a comfortable life but do have to watch where our schekels are going. But he works HARD for the money. Alot of late nights and weekends. He not a bad father but when it comes to his Daughter he has no clue what to do with her at all. Well now that she is a young lady.

This weekend is his company's annual Winterlude Ball. The Company has this in lew of a Christmas party. Completely payed for and held at the Chateau Laurier in Ottawa. We both look forward to it every year. I even like some of Jack co workers. They are fun to talk to. And I get to dress up and talk to adults and have a CHEF cook for me for an evening! And maybe I'll even dance this year!!!

Back to my orginal thought. Miranda has been told she is not plan anything this night and she is to watch Nathan. Now my 4 1/2 year old is a challenge for me to watch and he is more so for her, so she asked if her boyfriend could come over and help her with Nathan. I have no problem with this because I know Nathan will have a blast and love every minute of it and will not go to bed early. T is great with kids and loves to play with Nathan. Jack said NO to me and told me to tell her. I laughed you can guess what I told him to do and up till last night he had not told her no. Miranda is not a stupid girl she knows that Jack will say no and asked me what she could do to get him to say yes or at least to think about it. I told her You and your young man should write a contract and see if Daddy will go for that. Jack, as I mentioned before is having a hard time letting his little girl grow up. I totally trust these two, because they are smart plus I think watching Nathan alone together will be an eye opener for both...insert nasty laughter here.

So they did. They wrote up this contract and gave it to Jack last night. I read it and thought it was well thought out and aritculate. I know a few of my blogger friends would be proud. He read it and asked why couldn't T come over another day. Miranda said Nathan is really a handful and he will have a blast if T is here. So Jack said I'll think about it. He told me he was impressed with the Contract, and said nothing else.

Fastforeward to today at noon, He calls me and said I had a talk with Miranda this morning waiting for the bus. First thing out of my mouth was "What did you say?" He laughs and says What your thinking is "What did you do?" I was. We have not been married for 23 years for nothing. He told Miranda it wasn't a trust issue with her and T. He thinks alot of T and that he is a pretty good boyfriend and considerate of her and treats her the way he would like her to be treated. But he knows she has not been in the situtation to say NO or Stop when they are "making out" his words not mine. LOL! He discussed with her a mental line she can draw for herself that she will not cross until she is ready, not in the heat of the moment and hopefully she is married (this is my old fashion Jack we are talking about) and not let anything in her pants or in her mouth (Yes he said this) IF she can do this for herself then T can come over and baby sit with her.

Needless to say I brust out laughing.
So Jack had his type of S#x talk with our daughter. He said it was hard but he was impressed how she sat there and listened and behaved like an young adult. YEAH!

So I guess I underestimate my Jack sometimes, and he does surprise me from time to time.
Now lets see what she has to say when she comes home. It gonna be interesting.

Are you ready for that Type of talk with your kids?
I've been talking all along. I have not been shy about it with her or her friends. I could never talk to my mom about such things and still can't but I didn't make that mistake with Miranda and hopefully I will with Nathan. Although I think Jack should have a turn. ;)


Marla said...

There's still a lot of naughtiness that can be gotten into. Just remind her, you can't go back to just holding hands! (That goes for you too - you behave at the soiree!)

I like spying on your family. You are nice, and real and special - all of you.

Barb said...

I think every girl should have Jack as their father....
Gotta love that man

Silver Creek Mom said...

Don't your worry Marla ...She has been reminded over and over and over again. So you like spying...You should see us at a party!

I will NOT behave at the soriee... ;) Well When I get back from it.

BeachMama said...

I have to second Barb, every girl should have Jack as a father! Jack may not get to be there all the time and he may not be as open as you, but it sounds to me like he did the right thing in talking to Miranda at the bus stop. Probobly shocked the pants off of her (not what he was intending I am sure) but gave her something to think about. My Dad always just assumed I would do the right thing, a little chat now and then wouldn't have hurt.

Anna - ready to chat with "A", but that is because I am not his Mom and can be totally frank with him. Will see what happens when we get to "J"!

nancy said...

Is it wrong that I am laughing at this? I do believe in being open and honest with your children (actually, with everyone) and doing so will (hopefully) teach our children to do the same.

I am glad Miranda and T get to babysit Nathan...he'll wear them out so bad that they'll be too tired to go beyond holding hands.

twinmomplusone said...

Good job jack and have fun at your soirée ;)

Not ready to have taht chat yet :(