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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

January Ramblings

A lot going on this week and next and this whole Month.

Miranda is in exams, this week and next...Yup went back to school yesterday and POOF an exam 2nd class which she didn't have her books forover the holidays. She did well, got an 86. She also came home in tears last night thinking she has not been a great girlfriend. Do you remember those doubt fill days? I do I was always thinking I didn't deserve the guy I was with. IN Truth now that I look back on it they didn't deserve MOI. So I talked to her and made her talk to him and ask in a round about way if he was loosing interest. He laughed (NOT Knowing she had been crying) and said "NOT bloodly likely!" She was happy after that. I know its the stress of the exams and few other things. I just wanted her to clear it up so she could study. Which she did. Till I sent her to bed at 11:10.

Today she has a singing audition and a dance one after school. I'll pick her up. Jack has to work late. I'm also taking Nathan to the place where we are going to be on Friday. He starts Gym and Swim with his friend Colin on Friday. I want to show him where we are going and what the place looks like. You all know how much he hates change. It's at an awkward time for us. 12 til 2 p.m. We have to leave here at 11 so he will have to eat on the way. And lightly so he doesn't bring it back when he is tumbling and rolling. MY biggest fear with this is that he will not want to go like he did with swimming awhile back. IN fact when ihave spoken to him about it he says he doesn't want to go. I've praiised it up and told him they will play games and there will be other kids to play with and it will be so much fun. My hubby says spring it on him. AAAHHH NO He doesn't like change so we are going to prepare him this time to make sure he is ready and see if this helps. Send BIG prayers and positive vibes for Friday please?

I started on one of my New Years resolutions yesterday. I exercised for the first time in a year. I'm hoping to keep at it for the year. I need to work on my eating. I'm back to my boredom eating. I eat because I don't want to do what I should and then I eat because I'm bored...Really gotta work hard on that.

I could go on about what is happening for the rest of the month but you'll just have to hold the suspence till it happens. I know I know it's asking a lot but I have to find a way to keep you all coming back for more. LOL!

Gotta find the workout shoes and get hopin'

Do you eat to comfort or because your bored?


Sunny said...

Hey, Don't know if you will be interested, but I started a blog for us trying to lose weight this year. Link is-http://onderlandsmagicnumbers.blogspot.com/

Don't mean to spam, but thought it might help!


Sunny said...

Oh- and in answer to your SQOB-
Motly I eat to comfort.

I had anexoria at one point in my life and so I have issues. Comfort....definately comfort eater here.

Marla said...

I eat because food is delicious and because if I eat it all at once, then it won't be there to tempt me later.

twinmomplusone said...

both, comfort and boredom and also as a reward

have to start drinking more water instead of grabbing an easy snack

BeachMama said...

Without a doubt! I never used to eat just because, but I do now. Comfort is still my first reason to eat, boredom comes a close second.

I have been doing well since just after Christmas on eating only protein snacks will see how this goes.

Hope all goes well with Nathan, maybe he will be good on Friday because his buddy will be there :)


nancy said...

answer to your SQOB....


Hope swim'n'gym goes well...two hours?? seems rather long? Ours is 30 mins each, so total one hour.

Anonymous said...

I eat cuz I can. Boredom, reward, hungry...cuz the kids are snacking...So sad.

Good luck with the exercise for yourself and good luck with Nathan and swim'n'gym. You know I think your doing the right thing, just keep trying the activities with him and one day he might just surprise ya.