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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The Laundry can wait....

Is that stuff ever done? NO. I well get on with the details for my Christmas and New Years. It's been a hard time of year for me. I was not really in the Christmas spirit the way I would like to be. Although I did get into it for a bit and was looking forwad to Christmas Eve service although I knew how hard it would be with a cranky 4 year old. I didn't expect it to be that much of a drain. Christmas Eve showed me that That I have to find a way to get our 4 year old to behave in Church it's not like we don't ever go we go all the time. BUT I digress. Let just say he was totally unruly and I ended up crying part way through. I never sang one Christmas Carol and he did settle down and told me he would behave. This was 10 min before the service ended. I came home and cried myself to sleep it was not a pleasant evening. All I could say was what have I done wrong with this boy? Have I failed him? I guess I have I have to figure out how and fix it.

The kids Christmas Morning....Loving their stuff. Even Nathan said Mommy I got spoiled!

I even got to spend time with my girlfriends I take weekends away with. They weren't all there but most. We all had a great time and ate and drank and talked which is what we do best. LOVE IT! I needed that afternoon.

So between Christmas and New Years was busy and relaxing at the same time. We went to a few friends for dinner a few nights and I had a rockin' New Years Eve party. I had about 23 people including kids come over dressed up as a movie character or movie star and bring a dish that had a place name in it. It was a hoot! We had George Clooney, Julia Roberts, The runnaway bride, Princess Fiona, Marathon Man, Slim Pickin's Brad Pitt, Marsha Mason, Vampira, Audrey, James Bond, A ninja Turtle , Heromine and Harry Potter. And a few that didn't come dressed up so they were lighting and sound effects. LOL! The last person went home at 4 a.m. and I drove the last overnighter home at about 3. We were all tired but had a blast.

Sorry the New years Gang shot is blurry...One glass of Champange and I'm toast. I'm the blurry one to the side.

So do YOU....

make up a bunch of New Year's Resolutions? I do and some times I keep them. Last years was to quit swearing....well I didn't do so good on that one but I did cut back unless I'm with certain friends. And they know who they are... ;)

I also made one to get my house more organized And that one I did do ok on. I'm keeping that for this year, I'm not quite finished yet.

I also wanted to loose weight last year and I did that. Not as much as I wanted but some. I'm keeping that one too.

The new on for this year is to get more exercise into my life. It will help with the weight I'm sure.
And the BIG one for me this year is to figure out how to deal with my spirited Children.

So I hope everyone had a Great Christmas and a Wonderful New Year!

Hugs from my house to yours!

Do you make and keep your New Years Resolutions?


BeachMama said...

Naaaa, I don't make them anymore. They are just to easy to break. I do try to start each year off fresh though, as though the old one is done and the new one is a clean slate.

So here we go again... another year!

p.s. your NYE party sounds like it was a hoot :)

Marla said...

I make a resolution to do baby steps - and consider anything done even in part, part of the process of achieving a larger goal. So when I say I hope to moisturize more often because my hands are a wreck, doing it even once is a baby step. See?

Is it wrong for me to be so keenly jealous of a teenager's figure? If I had to stand next to her, I'd feel really dumpy and frumpy and would resolve to lose weight too. I say you should just move farther away from your stunning daughter, and then by comparison you'll look better. I know I would!

twinmomplusone said...

used to make resolutions, but they are pretty much all the same year after year: loose weight, exercise more, get things organized...an ongoing battle

now I'm more like Anna: take stock of the year past, what was and wasn't accomplished and start anew with a new slate

happy new year and hoping to see your face more!

Silver Creek Mom said...

The worst of it is Marla I used to look like that...for a long time then I had her and everything, shall we say shifted.
Now I'm slightly overweight and out of shape. I need a witch Dr. ;)

tomama said...

Happy new year. And good luck with the resolutions!

nancy said...

I resolve to NOT make any resolutions...cause I can never keep them. How's that?

Silver Creek Mom said...

But Nancy Your PERFECT! You don't need to make any resolutions!!!


Running2Ks said...

I don't resolve. I keep changes going all year long--that way I don't build them up too much. I just change when the wind moves me. :)

I love that your kids felt spoiled!

Pete said...

my new years resolution is to blog better.

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