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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Monday, January 16, 2006

When I signed up to be a Parent

When I signed up to be a parent, there was no manuel.
There should be.
When I signed up to be a parent, there was no course on what is to come and what to expect. There should be.
When I signed up to be a parent NO one told me that my heart would break so many times that it hurts.
Someone should have.
When I signed up to be a parent NO one told me how much I could love another human or being or two.
No one could have prepared me for that.
When I signed up to be a parent, no one told me how much I would laugh with my kids.
I'm glad no one told me about that.
When I signed up to be a parent no told me how frustrated I would become trying to keep my mouth shut so they could learn on their own.
I guess someone kept theirs shut too.
When I signed up to be a parent I just wanted to be a parent.
No one could tell me how much I would love it. And even if there was a course on all of the above I still would have become one and still no manuel or course could have prepared me for all the the good and bad things that has happened and will happen to them.
And I get to share in all the good things that happen to them that outweighs the bad.
I love being a parent.
And the best part is giving HUGS and hearing I LOVE YOU MOM, when you least except it.

Do you like being a parent? I said it was Stupid.


Sunny said...

No- I don't LIKE being a parent.

I LOVE it!! I love watching this creation of MINE grow and change. Sure, there are tough times....but it's called life, and to deny either me or my children the chance to explore and experience everything it involves would be such a travesty.

Remember the old axium- "What does not kill us- makes us stronger"?
It's really true. And what is difficult for us gives us such insight and each decision we make is what builds our character.

And those hugs and kisses we get, even after they grow up and move away and we don't get them but every few days instead of several times a day makes it ALL worthwhile.

The "it was all worth it" moment will come for you later in life(when THEY have kids) when one of your babies walk up to you and gives you a hug and says,".....I love you Mom and I understand WHY you did the things you did now and I SOOOOO thank you for it."

That's when you know they've finally grown up.

Marla said...

This was beautiful Sharon.

and I too love being a parent. It's better than anything I've ever done, and if I had to go through what I went through to get to Josephine, it was worth it. Now I want to be a better person for her.