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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Monday, January 23, 2006

While I eat Breakfast.

I'm having trouble writing this. Maybe it's because it's too close and peersonal to my heart. Maybe it's because this whole stituation has brought back memories of what I went though in high school and didn't have the courage to stand up for myself. Or maybe it's because I felt I could protect my girl from going though what she has gone through. Anyways it has not been easy on both of us.

I've started 3 or 4 times. I have no clue how to express my feelings about all that she has gone through in the last week and a half. The major emotions that she has experienced and me right along with her. We have both lost weight . Me not a problem I can loose a few more yet. BUT my Daughter can't afford it. She is down to a whopping 92 lbs. NOT GOOD. She doesn't like her body right now. She feels too skinny and too weak. (Thank GOD) Many things have happened to her. She has felt so insecure about her relationship with her boyfriend. She had been terrifed that he is gonna break up with her, over her inablity to fight off this other guy. I said he if can't understand your point of view or why you did what you did and that you have to learn how to defend yourself before you can then it's time to let him go. BUT I also told her I don't think he is that stupid or not understanding plus I can see how much he likes you.

She is angry with herself for not fighting this other guy. She is angry that this boy has taken in only a moment and turned her life upside down. She feels like he has had a donimno effect on all the people around her. And even after the complaint she has made against him he still feels he has done nothing WRONG. And she still feels like it's her fault. Of which I have been telling her it's not over and over again. She has cried every night for a week.

Although some good has come out of all this. She has learned she has to eat not matter what to keep herself going. She has learned that she needs to exercise to build strenght. YEAH!
And she has said that she has to put herself first and not let anyone take control of her again. RIGHT ON! Learning to talk forcefully and struggle and hit and yell if need be. To make a scene and that's ok. She has realizes that even though she would hate it she could get over a break up with her boyfriend. She needs to put herself first to get back the weigh she has lost; 8 lbs since September. Even though at the time we talked about this we still had a date they were going on.

And the Date:

Yesterday T got to get the last part of his Christmas present. I played Chauffer for M and T. They went and seen a play together and they had a blast. When they first seen each other T tried to throw M in the snow bank. They laughed and held hands and kissed (Well On the Cheek) and all the way home they fought over a stupid Horn from NEW YEARS EVE! They were 15 yr olds having fun. It was good to see. This is what I want for her, plain old fashion fun. They have made plans to go to Winterlude and they have made plans to go and walk through the Market sometime and maybe go bowling. SOUNDS Like fun to me.

But not all in my life has been stressful. N has started gym & swim with a friend. Last week he wouldn't take part in the gym but he was great in the swim. This week, while M was off due to finishing her exams, she went into gym with N and they had a blast. Then in Swim for the first time N swam across the pool in a life jacket by himself....I was so proud. And it doesn't hurt that they are playing and learning and not a structured swim class. WOO HOO.

So things are getting back to Normal. I'm pretty sure I haven't expalined things the way I should.

I need to get my workout in and get out to the bank and go VOTE. SIGH not sure what to do about that. Complete waste of time in my opinion.

Well folks...Someone make up a SQOB I can't think of one this morning...Maybe after I work out. Well see.

Have a nice week all, I hope too.


Running2Ks said...

Your daughter is amazing and resilient. Getting angry, getting strong, these are all good signs. I hope she puts on weight and stays healthy. You are such a great mom!

BeachMama said...

Thank goodness Miranda has chosen to learn from this unfortunate moment in time. If only we could turn back time and undo things, but sadly we cannot. I can definately share some extra weight with her as I don't need the extra few pounds I am carrying around ;)

Glad to hear their date went well. I am sure Tucker needed some time to readjust after the incident as well. He unfortunately took out his frustration of not stepping in on her. He is going to have to learn how to step it up in life too.

How great that Nathan swam all the way across the pool. He is destined to be a great swimmer, just give him some time and he will see how much fun it will be :)

I hope we see you again before the week is out!


Silver Creek Mom said...

Thanks for the vote of confidance today.
I hope to back soon. :0 )


twinmomplusone said...

Certainly is tough growing up, but this incident did just that for Miranda, made her grow up. She needs to refocus her energy and concentrate on what's importatn FOR HER becuase ultaimately she will be living with herself for the rest of her life, boyfirned and friends, as importatn as they seem at this point are just passing through her life. Please tell her I wish her all teh best and lots of strength, you too!!

As for your son, I'm still grinning with pride!


nancy said...

Very tough for her these days, but one day she will be able to look back at what she learned from herself as well as you and feel proud of where she is at that time. All part of the process, not an easy one, but a necessary one - kwim?