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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Another Stage is about to begin

Today I enrolled Nathan for kindergarten for this coming fall. He will be 5 this summer and ready to start school. He surprised me. We went in and he usually hides behind me ,but the curiousity of what this whole place is about, over came him. So we took a tour. I took him to where his class will be. They haven't moved it in 25 years so I kinda know where it is. He went into the room looked around at all the stuff and took it all in. he met the woman who will be his teacher, she taught Miranda and she is great. Up to this point he has says he was NOT going to school ever! He hasn't learned enough at home yet. LOL!

I took him to the gym and he was amazed with the stage they have in there. He asked if would be doing plays up there like Miranda and I said he probably would. He seemed excited about this.
I took him the the library.
He went in and looked and said "OH MOMMY Look at all the books! I bet the have books on BIG machines in here." I could hardly drag him out. He touched the walls of the libray and the paintings of the dragons on the wall and smiled. When I told him I painted them just before I got pregnant for him, he frowned like I was telling him a big story. He liked the people he met there and was talking to them all. FUNNY I was alittle sad about this. My baby boy is growing up and NOT needing his mommy as much anymore.

I remember Miranda's first day. I cried. I know it was the beginning of her growing and changing and learning she doesn't need mommy as much anymore and now I see Nathan is doing the same. Next year will be her last year of high school. and she is talking about going away to University. Scares me. Who will watch out for her? Make sure she eats enough? talk with her in the middle of the night?

When his dad came home he told him how great the school is going to be when he turns 5 and he is going to, and he said he was smart enough to go now.

I'm proud of both my kids. I know they will do themselves proud. And grow up to be useful and good people, but can a Mom ever let go completely?

I guess I'm learning too, it's a stage I have to learn to go through myself, letting go.


Marla said...

oh, just SNIFF.

Such a nice post Sharon.

nancy said...

Yes, so sad that they do grow up so fast, but after a short while just think of the F-R-E-E-D-O-M you will have to get caught up on the past 15 years of your life while they are both at school.

twinmomplusone said...

yep, stages, bittersweet for us moms

glad to hear he liked his school tour and is eager to start

looking forward to coffee and chat sessions with you once all our little ones are in school all day :)

BeachMama said...

I am all excited for you! It will most likely take some time to get used to it, but hopefully you will find your new found freedom not long after he is tucked away at school.

Are you going to volonteer again at the library?

Hopefully Miranda won't go too far away for University :)

Silver Creek Mom said...

LOL Yeah Marla, I was sniffin' when I was writing this. LOL!

Twinmom, Yup I am soooo looking forward to having coffee with you when I do get my freedom.

Nancy I am going to get my life back. And I may be able to paint again...I hope I haven't forgotten how?

Anna No way am i volunteering at the school again. I say this now but i May change my mind. BUT I do want to do me things.

Miranda is talking about Montreal...but last week it was TO. Who knows.

She has figure out how to pay for it and if she is ready to live on her own.

She hasn't even spent the night here alone or with her brother yet.


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tomama said...

Lovely post. Oh and if your daughter chooses T.O., the local mom bloggers will make sure she keeps out of trouble. :)