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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Monday, February 27, 2006

The Earth Moved for me

Yes people it moved and scared the Cr*p out of me.

We had a earthquake.

Now by most standards it was not a HUGE earthquake. But it did measure 4.5 on that old richter scale. and I lived about 5 km from the epicenter! The closest I have ever been.

Where I live is the whole Ottawa valley is on a fault line so hearing and feeling earth quakes is quite common. They are never big and they never last long.

Saturday night while sitting in my living room enjoying a glass of wine. Waiting for the Hubby to get back from fetching Miranda , who was babysitting. I hear this loud bang that keeps on going. I swear to God I thought the snow was falling off the porch roof then I thought it was the roof itself falling. The dishes werer rattling and the windows but nothing fell. I had time to stand feel the floor slightly shaking pick up Nathan and walk out to the kitchen before I heard the rumbles start to move off. So a good 45 secs that felt like minutes and mintues. And my Poor Hubby missed it all.

It was the talk of the day all the next day.

What really got me was the next night after we got home from my sisters sleigh ride There was an aftershock. And smaller rumbler that we heard coming and going. Sounded like a truck on the road but we never hear any trucks.

To sum it all up my Jack says The earth MOVED for Sharon and I wasn't even in the room.

How sad.

Do you want to be standing on the ground to feel what it's like when an earthquake hits? I sure do.



Nothing like a little earthquake to shake things up! I didn't feel it my daughters did though. They were making earthquake jokes not knowing unitl the next day that it actually was one. Like you they thought it was ice on the roof.

Mark (Lord of the Idiots) said...

I'm Sorry, That was me...I fell out of the bed 2000 miles away! ha ha Sounds interesting, I have never felt a quake that I can remember....must be pretty wierd huh?

Silver Creek Mom said...

It's sort like someone is blasting and it just lasts a LONG Time.

Sometimes When I lie in bed and hear one coming I think Darnt hey are balsting for that darn highway again! But it's last too long for that.

And Quit falling out of bed will ya?


Barb said...

I think the last Earthquake we had here was early the morning of January 1st 2000. (I think there has been a small one since) Dh woke me and I thought he had just had too much champagne the night before, but turned out it was.
Living in the Mining Capital you can almost set your clock to the 645-7pm blast on a daily basis. Growing up when the mines were still on 8 hour shifts it was 7, 3 and 11. It's a normal occurance around here....

11 more sleeps

Hope said...

How scary.
A to Q; I'd love itlying flat and feeling the rumble. There is an old train bridge between our home and the school. Sometimes I time it right & sit under in my car, when a train goes over. I roll down my windows and just feel the earth shake.
Glad youre safe

BeachMama said...

That was the first one I have ever felt!! The last one we had Hubby was standing next to me saying do you feel that? But, this time as my house shook and an airplane was going overhead, I did have the small fear that maybe it wasn't quite an earthquake!

nancy said...

I thought of YOU when I saw where the epicenter was. I have felt two in my life - one as a little girl and one while I was on bedrest when pg. Both were freaky.

Silver Creek Mom said...

Nancy and Anna

That's all you've ever felt? WOW. I must be a light sleeper. I've felt many. Too many to count, and it doesn't usually even scare me, but this one made me abit nervuos. NOT scared nervous. Hence the heading for the door just in case.

nancy said...

Come on missy....I've "felt the earth move" more than twice...and I hope for many many many more times BUT I have only ever felt two earthquakes.

Silver Creek Mom said...


Silver Creek Mom said...


twinmomplusone said...

didn't feel this earthquake...we were bowling!

experienced 3 fairly good ones 3 days in a row on this small island in Greece (bed moving across room...no comments please, glasses falling off tables) and took off after teh third day, didn't like it one bit

Mark (Lord of the Idiots) said...

SCM...added a link to your site onto my blog. Hope that was OK.