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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Nails on a chalkboard

I had a totally different idea for a post today. I will stash it away for another a rainy day or maybe tomorrow, but I just had to blog about this. I just couldn't take what Nathan did to me. Now it takes alot to make me freak and on others days not so much but this sound drives me to total freakout everytime and in less than a nano second. That's what he did beside me here today. I can't stand the sound and will not let anyone do this with, I will threaten of physical violence to them and the object they are using. And not it's not nails on a chalk board although I do not like that sound much either.

Erasing with a pencil that has a used up eraser! Yup that's it. That sound of the metal rubbing across the paper sends me into yelling and screaming hands race to my ears mode. "STOP I CAN'T STAND IT!" Just talking about it makes me shudder and cring. Poor Nathan had no clue his mother is one brick short of a load but when it comes to that, a;; sense of reason goes right out the window, I grabbed the pencil raced out of the room and got him an eraser that works. Ahhhhhh....silence. Do you know what I'm talking about? Or am I the only one with this phobia?

This whole epsisode got to me to thinking what other sounds drive me around the bend. The sound of a fax machine kickng in when someone has dialed my number. The sound of an electric drill screwing a screw into sheet metal. That high pitched squeel drive me insane. Why does things like this send me into orbit when it doesn't even fizz the next person? Do I have a different sensor in my ears?

And of course nails or chalk squeeking on a chalk board. YUCK! Do I see you cringing now?

So what sounds drives you, a totally sane person, into insanity?


nancy said...

Styrofoam. Rubbing together. I am all chicken skinned just thinking about it.

Oh, and I know what Marla is gonna say.

Silver Creek Mom said...

Ewww, good one don't like that one either....Shivering madly!

Marla said...

Sounds - same things as you, but they just give me the heebie jeebies. But they're not as bad as when my fingers touch squeaky clean glasses in the dishwasher. That will leave me huddled in a mess on the floor for days. It's such a bad phobia I'll make Steve do it, or I'll leave the tap running so I can keep my fingertips wet enough to diminish the feeling.

Now I know that men and women (and boys count as men, right?) hear things differently (hear as in the physical as well as the responsive aspects). So certain things that are in a higher range don't bother them as much, or they don't hear it the same way at all. That on top of their habit of only hearing the first three words of anything you're saying and then tuning out as if they can just guess the rest...

Steve has significant hearing loss from too much loud music as a kid/adult/even now. He can't hear certain highs and lows, certain consonants, and can't hear behind him in certain directions. He's learned to read lips naturally, and he thinks I am insane not only because I have not just normal hearing but super sensitive hearing. It's actually painful sometimes, and he thinks I'm just being crabby. But I'm the one he calls when he can't find his cel phone and so he dials it and from the farthest point in the house I say "I hear it on the desk in the office upstairs. It's on vibrate." But then he doesn't understand why it's so incredibly irritating to hear certain things, because he doesn't hear them at all, and just thinks I'm over-reacting. TWO WAY STREET! TWO WAY STREET!

Oops - sorry I hijacked your blog!