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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Friday, February 17, 2006

Nathan for Prime Minister!

The Gym & Swim Revolt

Yes today was Gym & Swim and as usual Nathan would not do Gym. He has not participated in Gym except for once and that was when his sister was there. NO not Nathan gym is below him not worth tieing his shoes to run and have fun and chase the ball...even though he was laughing and carrying on. I kept out of sight.

At one point he was sitting on the sidelines and he had 6 other kids sitting with him. Only 2 were actually doing gym. Colin, his buddy was doing what he supposed to; he does not fall into Nathan traps or charm. Nathan was playing with these disc's and the others sat down and they were playing together. Yes lets suck them in and make sure they are doing what I want. I can bend these young minds to my will. NOT what gym is supposed to be. Finally the instructor (short of his partner) called an early snack time..

What does my boy do?

He gets up and starts to run and play and all the kids are doing the same thing following him around. Down with instruction, down with organized play, Up with doing my own thing and leading the others down the path of true self expression AND REVOLT!!!!

Yup that's my boy!

Rolling on the mats yelling follow me! This is fun! And they did.

Knocking over pylons, and then knocking them over again when one would set them up again. No No conformity here!

SIGH... Attilah has nothing on MY BOY!

So Vote for Nathan for our next Canadian Prime Minister! Or at least one day. ;)

Wouldn't you vote for him? At least Politics would be interesting from a 4 year olds point of view.


nancy said...

Too funny...already the king of reverse psychology.

tomama said...

Did you dress him in one of those awesome Question Authority shirts as a baby? My Baby Girl is the same way - it makes me so proud even though I pretend to tsk at her non-conforming ways!