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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentines Day Musings


It's Valentine's Day. The one day a year set aside to pressure us into doing something or BUYING something for the one you LOVE!

There was a time when I was totally into this. I was young (ok a lot younger) I was thinner (way thinner) and I was romantic, but somehow that romantic side of me has left the building. I don't need a card. I don't need flowers, especially today do you know how ridiculously expesive Roses become over night? And I don't want chocoaltes; LIKE I need that when I'm 30 lbs over weight. Jack and I used to go out for dinner and a movie and he would bring me a rose in a bowl. It's all we could afford back then. It was sweet and I seemed to need that back then.

Now I get just a kiss and Happy Valentines Day and a cup of tea brought to me in bed. I like that. And that's fine with me. It's a gesture and a nice one.

I know I'm loved all year long. I get that tea on weekends. When the wild roses that grow around here come out Jack always goes and braves the thorns (and OH there are many) to get me some. And the same with the Lilac's that grow around here. We go out once and a while to have dinner and see a moive, without the kids, he makes breakfast on weekends, and we do have little dances every once and while to songs we heard when we first got married almost 24 years ago. We don't dance very well , but WHO CARES?

Miranda is celebrating her first Valentines with someone special. She has set up a Valentine's Day Treasure hunt for T. She has his parents involed and one of his friends that lives close by. Both T and Miranda played Pirates alot when they were young. I know Miranda sure did, with one of the neighbours. So T wakes up to a note that tells him where to go to find the treasure map. Then he finds the Pirate gear (pop gun, sword, eye patch and holster) then he searches for the chocoalte treasure his mom has hid for Miranda. The last one has one more clue where he goes to school and finds her with his last gift. I tried to get her to wear an eye patch but she wouldn't. (Mother shakes head sadly) Which is more chocolate and a cd of some comedy troop they both like. BUT last night she was worried that he would think it was stupid, and a waste of time, or that it wouldn't work out they way she had hoped. Like he misses the note and ends up finding the treasure without the map and the gear. But I don't think so. I think he is going to have a hoot with this. I guess I can only wait and see how she is when she gets home. I hope she is happy with whatever T has for her. She's pretty easy to please though.

I never had a Valentine to shop for in high school. I remember When I was in high school no one really celebrated it. NO one gave out cards or sent flowers or chocolates around. It was way uncool for the late 70's.

What am I really trying to say here. I think Valentines Day is great for the Romantic or the young or people learning what love is all about. I guess have it good. I've learned that Love in in the little things not the big gradious gestures that you see on one day of the year. I see love all year long. SO who needs one day to say "I LOVE YOU"? Every day is a good day for that.

Happy Valentine's Year all.

Do you remember one special Valentine's day?
I remember one that is not mine because it was so sad. A friend of my Sister was getting married and the groom was at my sister's house. Yes they got Married on Feb 14th. Anyways he alone with me in the kitchen and says to me." I think I'm making a mistake." I asked then why was he doing this? He replies "well I paid for it all. I might as well go through with it." to which I said but you asked her to marry you. "Well I never really asked I just thought we should make it legal." I didn't know what to say after that. And as you might have guess they separted last year and are getting a divorce after 9 years. So Valentines Day means a day to remember a mistake to these two. So sad.


Marla said...

Well, my Valentine's Days these days just happen to be an anniversary of sorts. So we celebrate them specially because, well, because. But it was only the minutes after midnight that were special - the actual day and evening I just went to see Casablanca at an old movie theatre with a gal pal.

twinmomplusone said...

see my post for my special VD

I hated VD when in school, I was the nerdy unpopular one that never got any valentine cards, oh well, didn't really scar me for life

love the pic of the rose, warmed me up on this cold snowy winter day

being its a special day and all ;) just wanted to remind you that I love you, mwah!

BeachMama said...

Hope you had a great day even though you don't like it so much ;) And I do agree, that every day should be Valentine's Day. Hope T enjoyed Miranda's gift.