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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Do I hear myself say, "Whatever you want to get dear, is fine with me."

Why do I say stuff like this...TO A MAN?

Last week our Printer went. Yes, well you can guess where this is going. I can hear all you woman shaking your heads loudly at me. Yes I know I failed and said the magic word to a MAN about buying electronics. After an exhaustive search on the internet and many late nights talking about printers, and yes the one we had was given to us but it worked just fine till we had a power surge and it fried it. Jack went shopping for a printer.

Now to give myself credit I did say, Jack please just get a decent printer. Nothing fancy. Nothing to prints pictures just a nice one. NOT TO EXPENSIVE. SIGH. BUT Jack lost in the love of finding the best, the thrill of the search, and finding put what he could get at a decent price, was not listening. He was Gone. I should have shakin' him and slapped him like you see them do in old black and white movies, and said something like "Jack snap out of it!" But I thought money will hold him back. But no. It did not.

This is what we ended up with.

Yes People MY JACK did it again. When he came home Wednesday Night he had this huge box in the back of the car. He came in with a look on his face that says. "Yes dear I know your gonna be mad but it's soo cool! It slice dices and even julinnes!"

He bought us a Lazer Jet Printer .

Honestly with the size of the box I thought he had bought a t.v.,but alas no. It prints very well. It's huge. takes up a huge part of the desk. Here I was sitting and thinking WOW now we can have a small printer on the desk so we can have more room.

HA! I say.
Ha! I say again.
I should have went and bought it myself. So for the price of my Curves membership. (WHICH I didn't get yet) we have a brand spanking new never say die, mega printer. It does print better than anything I've ever had but did we really need it? Apparently we do. I'm just not sure it was worth the money.

After 23 years of marriage you'd think I'd learn. Nope. Next time something dies. I'm going shopping. NOT JACK!

I guess he just wants to provide the best for us. Can't fault him for that.

But I'm gonna kick that saleman for letting him near the pricey ones. I bet they seen him coming and all sharpened up their pencils.

SO I print really well now. No running if the paper happens to get wet. Maybe I should start up a print buiness. I could with this puppy.

Do you get nutty when you have to buy something for the house.
I tend to be cheap and get what we need, middle of the road not the cheapest but not the best because we would be out of money very soon if I did that.


twinmomplusone said...

I'm a cheapo at heart and so is hubby, totally ingrained in us by our immigrant parents who lived thourgh the second World War in Europe BUT when it comes to electronics, hubby usually goes overboard

You saw our TV didn't you?

Silver Creek Mom said...

You know you did come to mind when I seen what he bought. LOL Then he says wouldn't a nice 48" flat screen plasma look good on that wall?

Just about took a heart attack!

Mark (Lord of the Idiots) said...

Ya sure that's a printer? Looks like a huge Ice chest! Ha ha Thanks for the honorary Canuck citizenship eh......Have enjoyed your blog, will bookmark it so I can read further......have a good one eh!
Long live Bob and Doug!

Silver Creek Mom said...

Positive. And it should do dishes with the size of it..

And Welcome to CANADA!

Bob and Doug Rule!

You Blog is very funny. I'm glad I stopped by today.

nancy said...

We just got a 40" TV - what does that tell you?

BeachMama said...

I am currently keeping Hubby on hold for his gadgets, it has been hard, but I might not be able to fend him off for much longer!!

I am currently drooling over your printer though, is that wrong?

Silver Creek Mom said...

It tells me I'm not the only one who say whatever you get is fine dear. NOT good.
And Anna, No it's not wrong, I drool over alot of things, doesn't mean I go out and get them. LOL!

Hope said...

So now you know about tv's in mens rooms, what did you expect. Letting a man loose in an electronics store can be down right dangerous. If my husband goes, I find a cart with a squeeky wheel, and insist he push it. That way when he does wander off I can find him quickly.