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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Monday, February 06, 2006

Yup! Still waiting for that muse to desend

And she's takin' her sweet time about it.

Lately I feel that I have nothing IMPORTANT to say. I read some of these blogs and they are so well thought out and, well, have something meaingful to say. Where I talk about my life, my kids, my world, doesn't that sound self centered?
I could be working on stomping out world hunger. Or Cure for cancer. BUT here I sit, a stay at home Mom, looking for something to say to make my life more important. Although I guess you could say I have a job that does that. I'm raising two smart articulate kids. They are polite and I'm hoping they will be everything I wanted to be, with out telling them what they should do. this si why this thought has come into being.

Last night Miranda was talking about how hard things are and how she has nothing that is easy to her anymore. Now Miranda has had it easy at school. Most things come very easy to her, she is very smart and can pick things up quick. She has never really had to work. This she she has to work. Math has been a struggle and so has history. GOOD! ( loving mother that I am) you finally see what it's like to work. And at some point something that you have to work hard at something which is going to comsume you and you will LOVE IT. Then she argued that I had art come easy to me, to which I reply BULLSHIT!( Notice my use of a good swear word) I had to work at it. There were people in school so much better than me. I did it because I loved it, not that I was the best. I asked why she she was feeling like this and she said it all had to to with her boyfriend. He got a very low mark in his English exam and the problem was is not that he isn't articulate enough. (The guy's vocaubalry blows me out of the water and probably would most of the people I know) It's that he is too articutulate, if that can be a problem. Apparently it is. He is smarted than the teacher when it comes to vocaburaly. The teacher sadly couldn't admit to this and would not change his opinion. The Man did not know what Tome meant. He thought he was writing Tomb and mispelled it. WHAT?????
Now my daughter sees that this as a problem she feels she doesn't have a large vocabualry(she does) , she says all of a sudden English is hard she needs a dictionary to read her book for class. I said GOOD. This will improve your Word power and Words are Power. She still didn't seem to believe me , we'll work on this. She said she has nothing special about her. I told her that is not true she is specail, it is not what she does that makes her her. I said just hanging out with T is good because she will learn new words just by hearing them. Most parents would love to hear this coming from their childs mouth. I know, I have such outragous problems.

Muse should choose to desend, you my dear readers will benifit from some weightier issues to read and maybe profound to think about, but you'll probably get all the stuff you have been reading here since the beginning.

BUT in the mean time I will get out the dictionary, bone up on my word power and maybe I can be smart enough to talk to a 15 year old Word Genius!

Looks like the Muse had me on a roll for abit...Gosh she sneaks in there when one is not looking.

Do you think your knowlege of the English language is strong? And NO Dani you can't answer this question...You already out word most people I know. ;)


DaniGirl said...

Well, thank you for the compliment! I need it today - I am studying for my French exam tomorrow and feel I have mastery over neither language right about now. Wish me luck!!

Silver Creek Mom said...

You'll do FINE Dani...Your one of the most articulate People I know. IN Either Language.

Good LUCK but you don't need it.

twinmomplusone said...

definitely not, english was my...let me count...fifth language growing up, yikes, never realized that !

neat how your blog started off with you thinking there was nothing for you to say and ended up with something cool to say!

Marla said...

I have a large vocabulary, but because I read so much at such a young age, I'm never sure if I'm using words correctly or if speaking, pronouncing them right. You know, like pronouncing epitome ep-i-TOME. And I too found too much came too easy - B's or better without trying - imagine if I'd tried!

I think that something I've learned now, in my old age, might help Miranda. Sometimes school isn't about just learning things - it's about learning how to learn. It's learning how to be and it's about making mistakes in a protected, structured environment so you can learn from them too.

It's a great post Sharon.

nancy said...

Wow - how do you top Marla?? Great response to a good post!!

I never liked "English" as a subject in school - never. I plugged away and got through it from elementary to university. I was always taught that I have to do my best and prove that I was learning something, so I did. Then once I was all done - get this - I missed it and still do. I wish I had a better vocabulary, better grammar skills, better writing skills, a more eager interest in the classics and not so much pop-culture fiction.

I agree Dani is the most wordiest of people I may know...in more ways than one ;)

P.S> Sharon - you hold your own pretty darn well too

Silver Creek Mom said...

Well thanks all..I wasn't looking for compliments. LOL! But I'll take them when I can get them.

I can hold my own when I look and make sure there is no typing mistakes or bad spelling errors. LOL! Grammer I have no clue about and just wing it. Miranda when she is here corrects me. Sadly.

But I do feel that writing here willhelp any of us imporve. With a few notable excpets of course. (Yes I mean you writers in the group)