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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Friday, March 24, 2006

Is it the weather?

Gosh the people in this house are grouchy. And we are usually a happy bunch but this week seems like everyone is snapping at everyone else. The weather is warming up it's beautiful outside but insidethe 4 of us need a vacation from each other. SIGH.

I've been working on Mir's costume for the play. She is playing Babette From Beauty and the Beast. And everytime she tries something on she critizes it. After a week of this and not hearing thanks mom for working so hard. I lost it, after she said "Gosh mom quit guilt tripping me" It was not pretty. SIGH!

Mir and Jack have been going at it. Last night was not much better. He doesn't want her to see T this weekend. He has bought ticket's (T Has) for a muscial and wants to take her for their 6 month Anniversay. Jack said NO. Her marks have gone done and she seems to be slacking off. SIGH.

Nathan and I have been going at it. He has been yelling at me and speaking rudely. I have been timing him out a lot. I hate fighting with him. Anyone know how to get a 4 yr old to realize he is only 4 years old? SIGH.

Friends of ours are leaving to go to and adults only club in the Dominican Republic. SIGH!That sounds heavenly even for a couple of days. Although jack said this morning it's not his idea of fun lying on a beach and drinking. GO figure. I could give it a go for a few days. Aww shorts, a cosmo and a good book and SUN sounds heavenly to me. SIGH!

Are we impaitent to see the snow go? Are we wanting to spend more time outside ? Or do we just need to step back and just be polite? I think it's easy to fall into the being rude trap. We need to make more of an effort into being patient and polite with each other. It's not good when everyone is having a busy week and is tired. I don't know what to do but we're all going to talk about it tonight. I've had it. The Rudness has to stop.

Now I know this is not a stellar post. It's not thought provoking or homourous, but it's all I can drag out of me today.

Have a good weekend all, Nathan has Gym & Swim. SIGH!



I hope your weekend turns out better than your week. I guess after the long winter it's easy to get on each others nerves.

Sissy B. said...

Your post prompted me to count my blessings...that I am a Floridian! So I won't go into details about going to have lunch on the river today and going to the beach to feed seagulls. :)

Perhaps instead of talking about it, have everyone write their "What I Did This Summer" essay early.

Hope the cabin fever has spiked and is on it's way to being "normal".

Love your blog! Thanks.

Marla said...

I know, I know. Same here. It must be the weather - but more so because we had a taste of nice a few weekends ago, and now we're extra resentful that the weather sucks. I am so tired of saying to Josie "it's okay to feel grumpy, it's not okay to be mean to me because of it." Trying to explain transferance to a two year old is like trying to nail jello to a wall.

nancy said...

Yesterday we went outside with out Dollorama binoculars to go birdwatching. We were desperately trying to find a robin, no luck.

Northern Mom said...

I'll come save you! Really I will.
Things will get better...the change of seasons is always tough

Marla said...

Oh, we have robins - one shit on my car yesterday. I was just glad it was freezing its ass off.

Hope said...

I did chuckle (sorry) but I have raised a teenage daughter. And I also have the fever.

BeachMama said...

You are in definate need of a vacation!!! For sure cabin fever is setting in, but it will be better out door weather in no time flat, you'll see.

tomama said...

I'm getting the "it's spring and it ought to feel like spring" grumpiness too.

Hope said...

no new posts. Have you killed each other? ANY surviors?