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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Nancy's Question

Question - what do you want to be doing FOR YOURSELF and your family (separately and together) 5 years from this date.

Another good one to make me think. I don't tend to plan my life or give myself a schedule. And that has been a problem to a point. We tend to fly by the seat of our pants. Although my youngest BIL tend to plan everything down to the last minute and he ends up disappointed. Can't live without spontaneity either.
In 5 Years: I will be 47 yrs old and looking fine. (one can dream can't they?) Miranda will be 20, may have graduated from UNIVERSITY or very close to it. Nathan will be 10 and in grade 6. Jack will be 50. YIKES!

For Myself I want to have done some course or other or have gone back to school (although this scares me alittle) and have lost 30 lbs and be a sexy lookin' momma at that age. I want to be strong and in good shape physically. Can you tell I have been thinking about this one? I admire people who can keep their weight undercontrol and I SOOOO Admire someone I see who is out running and seeming to enjoy it. I hate to run always always have. I more of a weight trainer although I will never be a MS world body builder. Just thining of me like that makes me laugh!

I want to have done some more traveling. I want to see Europe, more of Canada, the states and have been on a curise or two. I want to spend more time with some of my women friends that I go away with. They are an absolute hoot and I feel so good when I return from a trip with them. I want to be painting again and maybe making some money that I can truely contribute to the family or us. Honestly I should think about these things more and PLAN more, because time seems to fly by in a moment when you are bogged down in the day to day life of your family. I tend to put things off till later and that bothers me.

For the family- I want to help my kids become caring individuals with strong sense of self. I think I'm doing ok with Miranda but she still needs more. Girls tend to be rough on themselves not matter how hard yout ry to make them see how wonderful they are. Sense of self is hard thing to come by. Nathan will be just fine if he keeps up the way he is going. LMAO! I want to help my kids get through University in the field that they choose. So in five years I may have gotten Miranda to that point but Nathan will still be in Elementray school, BUT Hopefully well on his way to getting the best education he can for himself. (Something I wish NOW I had done)

I want to take the family on a vacation to Disney. JUST US. I know Miranda will be an adult but It's something I think we can all enjoy. Maybe as a graduating present from University. Family memories are speical no matter when they happen to happen.

For Jack I want to just keep on doing what we are doing. We will be married 29 years at that point. I hope we can spend more time with each other and friends. I hope we both are healthy and happy. I don't want to turn into some grouch by then. You know those people who are never happy with anything and everything. Can't be good for the heart. I tend to do that at times and then I give myself a kick in the pants and smarten myself up.

So Nancy I hope this answers you question. It sure made me think and I may add to this as it keeps perkulating around in my brain.

*Edit to add*
What do you want to do in 5 years for yourself and your family? Ha right back at you Nancy. ;)


BeachMama said...

Sometimes it is good to have a plan, even if it is just a little one. There is lots there for you to do in the next 5 years and all are achievable!!

Hope said...

Goal setting is important and what a first step you have made.
I wish you sucess.

nancy said...

Me? I asked you so I didn't have to think about it. Here's my 5 year from now goal today: to be able to have all the beds made before 5 PM on a regular basis. How's that?