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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Nathan's First Circus!

Remember awhile back we got free passes to the Circus? Remember I said I would Blog about it? Well I forgot till I looked at my pictures yesterday.

So here we go.

For a kid who said "No Mommy I don't wanna go to the Circus!" and made a big stink about it, he sure had a blast.

We got there and the line ups were long but we went around the building and lined up in a shorter line. We got great seats off to one side and could see most rings with no problem. Jack met us there . Nathan then asked where hsi big sister was and we told him it was a Mommy Daddy, Nathan day. He was thrilled and said he would get something for Miranda. LOL! What a sweetie my boy can be.

Nathan had a blast. Although with this child it is hard to tell. He sat from the moment it started on his Daddy's knee and never moved.

His eyes never left the ring and I had to ask Jack if he looked like he was enjoying himself ( couldn't see his face at all during this) Jack said his eyes were huge and he was making little wow sounds through it all.

He was please to see the elephants and thought they were pretty cool, although nearing the end of the first part he said "Mommy you can sure smell the elephants when they come in". LOL! yes my dear you sure can.

Nathan Loved the Elephants. He wanted to ride them and they were giving rides but we thought he was abit too young yet for that experiance to we told him another time and he was fine with it. We didn't want to take him down to the floor during intermission with the crowd of people that were there. It was NUTS.

I hate moving crowds to begin with and I think Nathan is abit like me that way.

During the preformance with the pole climbing acrobats and fire he never moved. He kept saying I hope they don't catch on fire. LOL! He was watching very carefully.

He never moved from his daddy's knee.

During the horse performance he asked if Jappa and Joe could do those tricks. (which are his aunts horses) I had to tell him no these were very speical horses and they were trained just to do this. He was alittle sad that his aunts horses weren't that smart. LOL!

Nathan farvorite part of the whole show was the finale. He loved the man being shot out of the Cannon. You can just see the blurr at the top of the second picture. His hands covered his ears as the cannon made it's BIG BANG! He doesn't like loud noises so we warned him. "He said WOW that was so Cool! Are they going to do it again?" I told him sadly no the man might get hurt. He said well that was ok but he's like to see that again sometime. LOL!

Nathan talked about it all the way home and he was thrilled with the Crayon balloon and the light sabre we bought him. He bought cotton candy for his sister and couldn't wait to tell her all about it. He was thrilled that Daddy was able to be with him. Jack works a lot so it pretty special when he can get away for a few. I was thrilled he got there on time.

It wasn't the best circus I have ever seen but that's ok, Nathan enjoyed it, the time we spent together just the 3 of us and that's the most important thing, isn't it?

Here he is the next day with his two favorite things from the night before.

Don't you love taking kids and watching them react to a new experience? It's not something I will forget. I talked to Miranda lately about some of the ones I remember with her and she doesn't remember till I bring out the pictures. I guess a mom's memory of special events is like a one way steel trap door. It goes in and doesn't get back out.

What is your favorite memory you have of a special event with you kids? (besides BIRTH)



I took my daughters to see Shania Twain a couple of years ago. It one of their first concerts. I will never forget their expressions when she appeared on the stage. I spent more time watching them then Shania!

Hope said...

Favorite? Tough call. It is exactly these moments that make my life joyous. Looking at the world through the eyes of a child. It reminds me to look through my child eyes on occasion.

twinmomplusone said...

oh gosh, so many of those, first time at circus, the zoo, any museum, ballet, downhill skiing, plane rides and the latest the Miami Seaquarium's dolphin show!

glad you had such a special afternoon the 3 of you, like you said that's what it's all about, I find a lot of these things can be tacky/corny from an adult's point of view yet the kids don't see that which is why being around them is so magical

Mark (Lord of the Idiots) said...

Was it Ringling Bros. Circus? We took Tyler to see them 2 years ago and he loved it! Sad part though was that the arena was about 3/4 empty. Felt sorry for the perfomers but we had a great time eh?

Shelley said...

The first time "the baby" was able to be cognizant of the Christmas decorations. She was about 13 months old, and I had put them up while she was napping. When she came out, she looked around and the look on her face was like, "wow, how'd all this get here?"

Silver Creek Mom said...

Nope Mark; it was Garden Bros and I think they are out of Toronto. BUT the place was packed. We got there right at 3 and got good seats and they were still coming in after the preformance had started and they delayed for 15 min to try and get everyone in.

Nathan did LOVE the dog act. He wants our Dogs (HORSES) to do the same, I told him they weigh 100 lbs each don't think so. LOL!

moe said...

Awe, looks like he liked it.
For us, probably the best memories are camping. The kids just have so much fun and we can 'let go' a bit and just watch.

tomama said...

Great post. Very sweet pics.

circusdays said...

What was the name of the circus you went to see?
My 7-month-old, hubbie and I live and work (well, not the baby...!) so I was just curious.

Silver Creek Mom said...

Garden Brothers.